IS-Loic PoulainUnder the overall supervision of the Chief of the Executive Office, the Presidential Advisor manages the International Secretariat’s support services to the President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in all fields related to OSCE work. In addition, Loic Poulain:

  • Serves as focal point within the Secretariat for all matters related to the President’s work, co-ordinating internally and with external partners;
  • Serves as support for the Election Observation Department and on Press and Communications;
  • Serves as Programme Manager for the Moldova outreach programme;
  • Supports work related to the General Committee on Political Affairs and Security, counter-terrorism affairs, the Mediterranean and migration issues, among other responsibilities.

Poulain (France) joined the International Secretariat in January 2015. A former OSCE PA Research Fellow, he previously worked on electoral assistance and rule of law projects from Washington, DC.

He holds a master’s degree in international relations from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Lyon and also studied at the University of Virginia and Vilnius University. Working languages: French, English.