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Christine Muttonen head shotChristine Muttonen (Austria) was elected OSCE PA President at the 2016 Annual Session in Tbilisi and re-elected on 9 July 2017 in Minsk. Muttonen is a former OSCE PA Vice-President has served as Special Representative for Central and Eastern Asia since January 2016, and continues as President to represent the Assembly in its outreach to this region. She is also Deputy Head of the Austrian Delegation to the PA.

Upon being elected President, Muttonen said that she would pursue direct talks with governments and other OSCE institutions on advancing avenues for closer co-operation.

“Parliamentarians can play a very important role in securing peace and stability,” she said. “It will be my duty to make sure they have the possibility to do so.”

Muttonen has been a Member of the Austrian Parliament since 1999 and also serves as area spokesperson for the Austrian Social Democratic Parliamentary Group for Foreign Politics. She is also a member of her national delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Muttonen was a teacher before her career in politics. 


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In her campaign for the presidency in 2016, she stressed five guiding principles:

  1. Strengthening the contribution of parliamentarians to the activities of the OSCE family
  2. Enhancing the efficiency of the internal workings of the Assembly
  3. Increasing the effectiveness of the Assembly’s work
  4. Contributing towards consensus-building on current societal challenges
  5. Broadening the scope of our external co-operation

On the last point, she advocates broadening the scope of the OSCE’s co-operation with partner countries and partner organizations within and outside the OSCE and seeking to engage in dialogue and co-operation with additional potential partners, as well as intensifying the dialogue with civil society organizations through so-called track-two diplomacy.

President Christine Muttonen's opening address at the OSCE PA's Autumn Meeting in Andorra, 3 October 2017


President Christine Muttonen's opening address at the OSCE PA's Winter Meeting in Vienna, 23 February 2017


President Christine Muttonen's address to the European Conference of Presidents of Parliaments in Strasbourg, 15 September 2016



President Christine Muttonen's inaugural address to the Assembly following her election on 5 July 2016

President Christine Muttonen speaks to the press following her election on 5 July 2016

Christine Muttonen addresses Religions against Terrorism conference in Astana, 31 May 2016