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Roberto BattelliRoberto Battelli (Slovenia)

Roberto Battelli has served as the OSCE PA's Special Representative on South East Europe since 2006. He has observed more than 20 elections across the OSCE area and has served as head of the OSCE PA Delegation and as Special Co-ordinator of the OSCE short-term observers in Montenegro, Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Battelli has been a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia since 1990, where he is a member of the parliamentary expert group that was responsible for drafting the country's constitution.


  • Promote dialogue in all segments of society, in particular at the parliamentary level, in order to encourage reconciliation and rehabilitation in South East Europe, and in particular in the Western Balkans, and to make a contribution to the transformation and building up of democratic institutions;

  • Maintain close contact with and serve as a focal point for the Assembly’s work in the region in general and its participation in activities of the Regional Cooperation Council in particular;

  • Advise and report back to the President on the situation in the region, in particular the development of the situation with respect to Kosovo;

  • Communicate with relevant actors within the OSCE who work on issues related to the region.