1. Striving with energy and perseverance for peace and human rights,
    2. Working without compromise in the interest of healthy and environmentally sound growth for our respective countries,
    3. Struggling for good conditions and robust social rights for working people,
    4. Expressing deep concern at persisting distortions in the financial system and in the functioning of free market economies resulting from high-risk speculation and inadequate governance, which threaten world stability and security by further widening discrepancies, exacerbating social inequality and fuelling tensions on a national, regional and global scale,
    5. Refusing to avert our eyes from the terrible and daily recurring images of desperate refugees along Europe's borders and raising our voices in protest of their treatment,
    6. Calling for an OSCE that protects the people/inhabitants of its participating States as parents, as children, as working and as unemployed persons, as seniors, as consumers, as savers and investors, and as citizens,
    7. Believing that it now falls upon us, as members of this Parliamentary Assembly, to give our Organization a new direction, and in this regard commending the launch by the OSCE PA of a Helsinki +40 colloquium to be held in June 2015, to mark the 40th anniversary of the Helsinki Final Act,
    8. Seeking more transparency, diversity, and intellectual growth in place of secrecy, bureaucracy and elitism,
    9. Determined that citizens and their parliaments and not technocrats or financial interests must have the final and decisive word,
    10. Believing that we must ensure that the decisions which we make enter into the policies of our own countries and that they give added value to the lives of our peoples – whether as social rights, protection for the environment, or in the form of regional diversity,
    11. Seeking for the entire OSCE region a just, democratic social order (the aim of which is prosperity for every person rather than merely wealth for the few) as continued gross inequality can only lead to stresses which damage the social fabric, recognizing that the broader OSСE region includes the Mediterranean Partners for Co-operation, which contributed to the deliberations of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe as non-participating Mediterranean States,
    12. Convinced that this can only be achieved through equal educational opportunities for all, fair competition, sound ideas, boldness, and faith in the values upon which our Organization is based and which continue to be the bedrock and safeguard of our common future,
    13. Wishing for an OSCE that respects diversity and promotes it wherever possible,
    14. Embracing the diversity of culture and language, and of our cities, towns and regions which reflects the cultural richness of the OSCE region which stretches from Vancouver in the west to Vladivostok in the east,
    15. Convinced that this diversity represents strength and leads us to experiences that bring us closer and provide us with a panoply of new lessons, offering a wealth of experience upon which to base cosmopolitanism, tolerance and democracy in our societies,
    16. Seeking to strengthen co-operation between parliamentarians so that the work of the OSCE PA can be translated into action in our respective national parliaments,
    17. Resolved not to abandon the OSCE to radicals and populists who seek to re-erect old battlements and trample democracy,
    18. (a) Concerned by unemployment, especially among young persons, which has reached such dramatic levels in many of our countries,
      (b) Remaining firm in our commitment not to fail these people, above all those in the younger generations whose access to education, qualified vocational training and good jobs will determine the futures of our countries,
    19. Stressing the need for Helsinki +40 to reflect a strong parliamentary dimension that will add to the relevance, democratic legitimacy and outreach of the process by making best use of the OSCE PA's field experience and substantial role in parliamentary diplomacy in efforts to bridge divergent security perceptions and achieve a security community,

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly:

    1. Calls upon all participating States to actively contribute to the Helsinki +40 colloquium to be held in June 2015 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Helsinki Final Act;
    2. Believes that when business activity extends across and beyond national borders, the rights of working people cannot end at the customs house;
    3. (a) Asserts that the playing field must be level for labour and capital, for employers and employees throughout the OSCE and seeks to promote market economies in which the focus is on the individual;
      (b) Recognizes this means protecting our citizens from exploitation and abusive working conditions, for there can be no place in any of our countries for wage dumping and the erosion of social rights;
    4. Rejects the idea that basic rights are subordinate to market freedoms;
    5. Asserts that a unified OSCE social region and economic dynamism are not contradictory but rather that the one predicates the other, particularly as both are preconditions for the aspirations and self-realization of every individual, for lack of opportunity does not motivate but paralyses and frightens; insecurity does not bring people closer but promotes mistrust and prejudice;
    6. Recognizes that a good education from kindergarten through schooling to vocational training and academic qualification is the key to equal opportunity for every individual to make the most of their life;
    7. Understands gender equality to be a central interdisciplinary task in all of our countries, for those worst affected by the recent economic crises were women;
    8. Posits that our goal must be to advance equality between men and women effectively and definitively by achieving equal pay for equal work and equal job opportunities by bringing more women into leadership positions and by improving the work-family balance for both women and men;
    9. Reaffirms the social welfare state as a model which has proven itself successful in many of our countries and which can provide a model in the 21st century for those states that are seeking to strengthen social cohesion, because economic prosperity and social participation are not opposites but rather predicate and reinforce each other;
    10. Confirms the commitment of its members to the welfare of senior citizens, as dignity in old age must remain one of our constant concerns, particularly in light of the demographic realities in many of our countries;
    11. Explicitly condemns all forms of discrimination, whether because of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion or creed, handicap, age or sexual orientation, because we seek to realize the OSCE region as a space free of discrimination with equal opportunity for all;
    12. Calls for ambitious environmental and energy policies reflecting our understanding that protections for climate, environment and nature are not incompatible with commitments to economic growth and jobs but rather complement them, particularly as we seek to promote the growth of alternate energy sources and improvements to energy efficiency;
    13. Notes that increased diversification of the energy supply and more innovation in the development of all energy resources can also make energy more affordable to consumers, including families and small businesses;
    14. Supports efforts in our countries to improve security and limit armaments, and reiterates our faith in policies of good neighbourliness which promote co-operation and the process of democratic transformation;
    15. Reaffirms its commitment to further engage the OSCE Mediterranean Partners for Co operation in the work of the Parliamentary Assembly in all three dimensions, and takes this opportunity to commend Tunisia on the adoption of its new Constitution;
    16. Affirms our commitment to work well with others, not only within the OSCE but also with those States with which we share borders, for we cannot reduce the pressures on our external borders without addressing poverty and the need for widespread and sustainable growth which may also help to alleviate rampant social inequality;
    17. Emphasizes its commitment to the continuous hard work which is required to redefine our hopes and aspirations and realize a prosperous future for the OSCE region.