Special Rapporteur on Digital Agenda


OSCE PA President George Tsereteli (Georgia) appointed Stefana Miladinovic (Serbia) as Special Rapporteur on Digital Agenda in September 2019.

Tasked with examining the topic of digitalization, Miladinovic will report back to the President and the Assembly by the July 2020 Annual Session on suggested future work in this field.

Miladinovic has been a Member of the National Assembly of Serbia since 2012. She serves in the Parliament as Deputy Chairperson of the Committee on Spatial Planning, Transport, Infrastructure and Telecommunications. In the OSCE PA, she has been the Head of the Serbian Delegation since 2018.

The OSCE PA adopted a resolution on Digitalization as an Advantage for Gender Policies sponsored by Miladinovic at the recent Annual Session in Luxembourg.


  • Raise awareness within the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly regarding the benefits and the security implications of the digitalization process;
  • Promote within the OSCE area an inclusive digital society which benefits from all research, technology and innovation initiatives that enable future technologies, software, networks and services, including in the areas of transport and urban mobility;
  • Facilitate co-operation and discussions among OSCE PA delegations on how to increase information exchange and awareness in the field of cybersecurity in OSCE participating States;
    Monitor the developments on digital transformation in the OSCE region;
  • Communicate with relevant actors within the OSCE and work in close co-operation with the OSCE PA Second Committee.




Op-Ed: Is COVID-19 accelerating digitalisation or exposing the digital divide? - 25 June 2020

Report by Special Rapporteur on Digital Agenda Stefana Miladinovic, Winter Meeting - 20 February 2020


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