Special Representative on Combating Organized Crime

Pere Joan Pons headshotEUGENIO ZOFFILI (ITALY)

OSCE PA President Pia Kauma (Finland) appointed Eugenio Zoffili (Italy) as Special Representative on Combating Organized Crime in September 2023.

Eugenio Zoffili served as the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Supervision on the Implementation of the Schengen Agreement, for Supervision on the Activity of Europol, and for Control and Supervision on Immigration from November 2018 to October 2022.

He was also a member of the Foreign and Community Affairs Commission.

Additionally, Eugenio Zoffili serves as the Head of the OSCE PA Italian delegation.


  • Build political momentum for stepping up efforts to prevent and counter transnational organized crime across the OSCE region by mobilizing relevant parliamentary efforts, encouraging the adoption of ambitious national policies, promoting collaboration in relevant international forums and advancing the implementation of serious crime-related international commitments, such as those stemming from the Palermo Convention.
  • Bring increased visibility within the Assembly of the measures required to better prevent and fight transnational organized crime in our region, highlighting the urgency of addressing the multifaceted security threats posed by mafias and organized crime through innovative, co-operative and comprehensive efforts in the parliamentary, law enforcement and social spheres.
  • Promote goal-oriented collaboration between the executive and parliamentary bodies of the OSCE, with the aim to duly integrate effective policies aimed at preventing and countering organized crimes into the organization's activities.
  • In co-ordination with relevant OSCE PA Committees and Special Representatives, facilitate the exchange of parliamentary best practices and lessons learned in this context, including by engaging with experts, academia, the business community, civil society, and youth.



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