Special Representative on the Conflict Cycle



In line with the 2023 Vancouver Declaration, which recognizes the added value of close co-operation between the OSCE PA, the OSCE Secretariat, OSCE institutions and field operations on regional and thematic issues, President Pia Kauma appointed André Coelho Lima (Portugal) as the Assembly’s Special Representative on the Conflict Cycle in December 2023.

Coelho Lima has been a Member of Parliament since 2019, representing the district of Braga. In the Assembleia da República, he serves on the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees; and the Committee on Transparency and the Statute of Members. He is also an alternate member of the National Defense Committee and the European Affairs Committee, and since 2020 has been a member of the Superior Council of Homeland Security (Conselho Superior de Segurança Interna). In addition, he has served as member and party co-ordinator of the Committee for the Revision of the Portuguese Constitution and Vice-President of the Political Party PSD, Partido Social Democrata.

As Special Representative on the Conflict Cycle, he is tasked with better incorporating the Assembly in the OSCE’s conflict cycle toolbox to ensure effective prevention of wars of aggression and other conflicts, including by liaising with OSCE executive structures and field operations.


  • Inform the Assembly on OSCE mediation and confidence-building activities between conflict-affected societies and communities.
  • Promote inter-parliamentary dialogue on the OSCE’s comprehensive approach to security regarding early warning, crisis management and post-conflict rehabilitation.
  • Develop policy recommendations aimed at strengthening OSCE conflict prevention and resolution tools.
  • Co-ordinate closely with other relevant Special Representatives and with officers of the First Committee.
  • Follow up with OSCE executive structures, particularly the Conflict Prevention Centre and field operations, and with relevant external partners on issues related to the OSCE’s conflict cycle toolbox.
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