1. Recalling the previous resolutions on the Republic of Moldova of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, adopted earlier during the Annual Sessions,
    2. Noting the recent presidential election as an important step in overcoming the political impasse in the country,
    3. Recognizing that the existence of an unsettled conflict in the Transdniestrian region of the Republic of Moldova constitutes a threat to security and stability in Europe and the OSCE area,
    4. Reaffirming the OSCE commitments to finding a solution to the Transdniestrian conflict through the 5+2 negotiation process,
    5. Commending the notable step in the conflict negotiations in April 2012, led by the OSCE Irish Chairmanship, in close co-operation with the Moldovan and Transdniestrian authorities, on the principles and procedures of the talks and the future agenda of the 5+2 Talks,
    6. Welcoming the establishment of joint parliamentary committees in the Moldovan Parliament, envisaged to include representatives of the Transdniestrian Supreme Soviet, and expressing the hope that all political forces in the Parliament of Moldova will be included in these committees,
    7. Welcoming the fact that some Moldovan television broadcasters are now able to reach an audience in the Transdniestrian region, a move that will help foster people-to-people contacts from both banks of the Nistru,
    8. Regretting the closure of the Chisinau-based NIT channel, limiting political pluralism in the Moldovan media,
    9. Reiterating the Assembly´s commitment to supporting the important work done by the OSCE Mission to Moldova,

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly:

    1. Welcomes the resumption of the settlement talks in the 5+2 format, with the efforts of the mediators from the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the OSCE, as well as the European Union and the United States as observers in the settlement negotiations;
    2. Considers that identification of the special legal status for the Transdniestrian region in the composition of the Republic of Moldova, while consolidating and ensuring the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova within its internationally recognized borders, constitutes the major aim of the Transdniestrian conflict settlement process;
    3. Expresses its conviction that democratization throughout the Republic of Moldova would contribute to the achievement of this aim;
    4. Calls on the Moldovan authorities to facilitate access for Transdniestrian broadcasters to Moldovan cable networks;
    5. Encourages all political forces in the Republic of Moldova to engage in a constructive political dialogue;
    6. Calls on all political forces in Moldova to make genuine and concerted efforts to include the opposition in the work of the Moldovan Parliament;
    7. Calls on Moldova to consider improving its implementation of national legislation and OSCE commitments with regard to freedom of expression;
    8. Urges the Moldovan Government and the administration of the Transdniestrian region to continue their efforts with regard to confidence- and security-building measures;
    9. Emphasizes that intensification of the dialogue between various institutions and public organizations from both sides of the Nistru River, as well as the fostering of people-to-people contacts, would help to increase mutual trust and confidence;
    10. Proposes to facilitate a parliamentary dialogue between members of the Moldovan Parliament and representatives of the Transdniestrian Supreme Soviet under the auspices of the OSCE PA Parliamentary Team on Moldova, with the support of the OSCE Mission to Moldova;
    11. Welcomes the creation and work of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Poland, and encourages other OSCE participating States to establish the broadest possible framework for interparliamentary co operation with the Republic of Moldova that can contribute to building political will and confidence, as well as facilitating parliamentary dialogue;
    12. Appeals to the Russian Federation to renew and finalize the process of withdrawal of its troops and munitions from the territory of the Republic of Moldova in accordance with relevant principles of international law and commitments undertaken in the OSCE framework;
    13. Invites all participants in the Transdniestrian conflict settlement to undertake consultations with a view to transforming the current peacekeeping mechanism into a multinational civilian mission under an international (OSCE) mandate;
    14. Reiterates the readiness of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly's Parliamentary Team on Moldova to support peace, stability and the rule of law in the country, including through the support of political dialogue in the Transdniestrian settlement process.