1. Welcoming the fact that the decisions regarding the presidencies in 2014 and 2015 offer the prospect of a multi-year perspective, which allows the planning of OSCE activities over several years,
    2. Recalling that the OSCE will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Helsinki Act in 2015 and that this should be seen as an occasion to renew trust between participating States,
    3. Bearing in mind that important reforms are pending and that public funds to finance organizations and their activities are limited,

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly:

    1. Urges the OSCE participating States to use 2015 as an occasion to renew the vision and the role of the OSCE in the Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian security architecture to record progress with the implementation of the Astana Commemorative Declaration, and to set up new milestones for the OSCE in the years to come in order to work towards a shared goal of a security community;
    2. Is of the opinion that the Commemorative Declaration and the draft action plan drawn up in Astana form important bases for this strategic timetable and could be complemented by further initiatives currently under consideration;
    3. Calls on the OSCE participating States to take constructive decisions as quickly as possible to improve the human dimension of events, to agree on multi-year programmes and budget cycles and to consider further improvement measures in other dimensions;
    4. Calls on the OSCE participating States to tackle further important reforms such as the question of a constituent document for the OSCE which would fully respect the Helsinki Final Act, the Paris Charter and other key commitments of the OSCE, to redefine the role of the presidency and the Secretary-General so that the organization can continue to be led effectively in future, and to set modalities to strengthen the dialogue with partner countries and with other international organizations;
    5. Calls on the participating States to develop a strategic vision of the OSCE by 2015 in order to address effectively the security policy challenges of the years ahead and to confer on the OSCE new important tasks in the areas of arms control, transnational threats, prevention and resolution of conflicts, human rights and human security, and to identify further possible themes;
    6. Expects the Parliamentary Assembly to be suitably involved in these discussions.