1. Recalling that the Helsinki Final Act of 1975 recognizes equal rights and duties for the participating States,
    2. Emphasizing that small states are unique entities shaped by a long history and that they have a special place in Europe,
    3. Recognizing that the OSCE standards, in particular in terms of international law, democracy, the rule of law and human rights, must be observed by small participating States, as well as by all other participating States, regardless of their size and impact,
    4. Recognizing that maintaining and guaranteeing the security and identity of small states is essential to maintaining their sovereignty and stability,
    5. Realizing that small states have to put much more effort into maintaining their identity in a global environment, and that their different economic and social systems must be respected in their diversity,
    6. Recognizing small States' potential and readiness to make a substantial contribution to international issues and play a role in international organizations, to the best of their capacities and means,

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly:

    1. Welcomes the invitation of Monaco to host the Annual Session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in their country and the special efforts performed by a small state to organize an event of this calibre;
    2. Encourages all participating States to support small States in their efforts to enforce OSCE standards and to maintain their identity, to guarantee their security and their sovereignty, to treat them on an equal basis as all the other participating States, and to take into account the constraints they face in their economic, social and environmental policies;
    3. Supports small States' efforts to address common challenges and problems, which are often related to their limited human resources, and acknowledges the importance of small States sharing information and experiences in order to better promote common interests, raise awareness and seek collaboration for issues of particular concern to them.