1. Reaffirming its full adherence to the Helsinki Final Act and to the provision contained therein that the OSCE participating States will respect each other's sovereign equality and individuality and also each other's right freely to choose and develop its political, social, economic and cultural systems as well as its right to determine its laws and regulations, including electoral legislation,
    2. Recognizing the diverse historical, social and cultural conditions which have influenced the development of the electoral systems and legislation of the OSCE participating States,
    3. Noting that democratic elections may be held in the context of differing electoral systems and legislation,
    4. Welcoming the important role played by the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in observing elections in all the participating States of the Organization, and advocating the continuation of this activity on the basis of the principles of objectivity, impartiality and transparency,
    5. Noting the importance of effective co-operation between the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and the ODIHR in the area of election observation on the basis of the 1997 Co operation Agreement,
    6. Recalling the provisions of the Document of the Copenhagen Meeting of the Conference on the Human Dimension of the CSCE (1990) in respect of conducting democratic elections and the relevant obligations of the OSCE participating States, including the obligation to invite observers from any other OSCE participating State to monitor elections within the limits allowed by the law,

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly:

    1. Calls upon the ODIHR to conduct a comparative analysis of the electoral legislation and practice of all the OSCE participating States, particularly with respect to their compliance with the provisions of the Copenhagen Document, with a view to identifying common problems and defining ways of solving them through the elaboration of best practices in the electoral sphere;
    2. Calls upon the participating States to draw on the results of such analysis to develop common standards, principles and rules for the observation of national elections by the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and the ODIHR with the involvement of experts from central election bodies.