1. Bearing in mind that at the UN General Assembly of Thursday 29 November 2012, the President of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, obtained recognition of the State of Palestine as a non-member observer State,
    2. Bearing in mind that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe granted the Palestinian National Council "Partner for Democracy" status on 4 October 2011,
    3. Recalling that UNESCO recognized the Palestinian National Authority on 31 October 2011,
    4. Noting the ongoing political upheaval in the Middle East region and acknowledging the importance of reinforcing the OSCE partnership with neighbouring Mediterranean countries in a context of respect for the rule of law and human rights,
    5. Emphasizing the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly's interest in relations with the Mediterranean region, as shown by the Parliamentary Assembly Conference on the Mediterranean (Madrid, 2002) and the subsequent Mediterranean Forums,
    6. Recalling the Charter of Paris for a New Europe (1990), which aims to "promote favourable conditions for a harmonious development and diversification of relations with the non-participating Mediterranean States",

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly:

    1. Calls upon the OSCE to grant the status of Mediterranean Partner for Co-operation to the State of Palestine, following the Palestinian Authority's request of November 2004;
    2. Calls on the Standing Committee of the OSCE PA, with a view to subsequent referral to the OSCE Ministerial Council, to define and grant an appropriate status to the Legislative Council of Palestine so that its representatives may participate in the work of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly;
    3. Stresses the importance of building two independent, viable and stable States within a framework of mutual recognition by all actors that guarantees the safety of the population of both States;
    4. Urges the OSCE participating States and the six Mediterranean Partners for Co operation to initiate a constructive dialogue on peace in the Middle East within the framework of the OSCE;
    5. Stresses the substantial input that the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly can have in achieving a greater outreach for the OSCE in the Middle East and recognizes in this respect the need to upgrade the work of its Mediterranean Forum, including through initiatives which aim at facilitating contacts and dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian parliamentarians, with their mutual consent and in synergy with other parliamentary organizations active in this field.