1. Recalling the OSCE's role in encouraging sustainable environmental policies that promote peace and stability, specifically the 1975 Helsinki Final Act, the 1990 Concluding Document of the CSCE Conference on Economic Co-operation in Europe (Bonn Document), the 1999 Charter for European Security adopted at the Istanbul Summit, the 2003 OSCE Strategy Document for the Economic and Environmental Dimension (Maastricht Strategy), other relevant OSCE documents and decisions regarding environmental issues and the outcome of all previous Economic and Environmental Fora, which have established a basis for the OSCE's work in the area of environment and security,
    2. Recalling the OSCE PA's Resolution on Water Management in the OSCE area in the 2009 Vilnius Declaration and the Resolution on Sharing Expertise in Reclaiming Water Resources in Order to Strengthen Global Food Security in the 2012 Monaco Declaration,
    3. Applauding the OSCE Centre in Astana's recent efforts to educate Kazakhstani prosecutors on water management principles, institutional charters and legislation,
    4. Commending the OSCE Office in Tajikistan's recent efforts to strengthen co operation on hydrology and environment between Afghanistan and Tajikistan in the Upper Amu-Darya River Basin,
    5. Supporting the OSCE Centre in Bishkek's commitment to realize an efficient management of drinking water resources in Isfana,
    6. Welcoming the joint initiative of the OSCE, the UN Economic Commission for Europe and the United Nations Environment Programme that facilitated a treaty between Moldova and Ukraine to sustainably manage the Dniestr/Nistru river basin,
    7. Stressing the importance of sanitation, hydrology, safety and innovation in the management of our water resources,
    8. Concluding that water management is still an excellent tool for conflict prevention in the OSCE area,

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly:

    1. Calls upon the incoming Swiss Chairperson-in-Office to make water management in the OSCE one of the top priorities of its Chairmanship in 2014.