1. Recalling that the scales of contributions established by the Charter of Paris for a New Europe in 1990 have been subsequently modified by Summit, Ministerial Council and Permanent Council decisions,

    2. Regretting that the current Scales of Contributions have not been updated since the Slovenian Chairmanship of the OSCE in 2005,

    3. Aware of the current distortions between the current scales and the economic situation in the OSCE area,

    4. Concerned by the growing discrepancy between the scales of contributions and the distribution of Gross National Income (GNI) among OSCE participating States that has accelerated since the start of the financial crisis in 2008 and that is accentuated by the emergence of some fast-growing economies among participating States,

    5. Taking note of the Permanent Council Decision No.1072 of 7 February 2013 on Scales of Contributions for 2013-2015 establishing an Open-ended Informal OSCE Working Group on Scales of Contributions tasked to submit to the Permanent Council by 1 October 2015 the recommendations for the revised Scales of Contributions for the period covering 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2018,

    6. Stressing that Rule 41 (4) of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly’s Rules of Procedure stipulates that in accordance with Article 10 of the Madrid Declaration, as amended by the Committee of Heads of Delegation on 13 January 1992, national contributions to the Budget of the Assembly shall be apportioned according to the formula used to divide costs of the intergovernmental OSCE,

    7. Considering that the budget of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly is not sufficient to ensure all the tasks our Assembly is bound to perform,

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly:

    1. Urges the participating States and its Permanent Council to finalize a substantial modernization of the Scales of Contributions by the end of the year 2015;

    2. Encourages the work of the Open-ended Informal OSCE Working Group on Scales of Contributions;

    3. Stresses that the modernization process should be driven by the principle of capacity to pay while taking into account the economic realities amongst participating States;

    4. Calls for taking into consideration the criteria of Gross National Income (GNI) as one of the essential factors in the calculations;

    5. Suggests amending Rule 41 (4) of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly’s Rules of Procedure to allow for appropriate exceptions from the governmental formula;

    6. Suggests that in order to initiate the reform process immediately and as a first step without modifying the existing Scales of Contributions, national parliaments at the lower end of the scale should contribute a minimum fixed-sum amount of 10,000 Euros except countries where GDP per capita does not exceed 3,000 Euros and that the additional revenue generated should supplement the current budget of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly;

    7. Calls for the creation of a working group composed of the Treasurer and five Bureau members in charge of making detailed reform proposals to the Assembly with the aim of adopting new Scales of Contributions.