Closed Vacancies

 Vacancy Notice Number   Vacancy Type   Post Title  Duty Station
 OSCE PA VIE 2021/1  International Contracted  Programme and Administrative Officer   Vienna, Austria
 OSCE PA VLO/CPH 2020/3  International Contracted   Advisor  Vienna, Austria
 OSCE PA VLO/CPH 2019/2  International Contracted   Chief Diplomatic Advisor  Vienna, Austria
 OSCE PA CPH 2019/1  International Contracted   Media Support Officer  Copenhagen, Denmark
 JPO VIE/CPH 2018/1  International Contracted   Junior Professional Officer  Copenhagen, Denmark / Vienna, Austria 
 OSCE PA CPH 2018/1  International Contracted   Administration and Logistics Officer   Copenhagen, Denmark
 OSCE PA CPH 2017/2  ​International Seconded   Programme Officer ​ Copenhagen, Denmark
 OSCE PA CPH 2017/1  International Contracted   Chief, Administration and Finance  Copenhagen, Denmark
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