Conferences, Seminars & Forums

Member parliaments of the OSCE PA organize meetings on thematic issues impacting the OSCE area. 

In line with advice and guidelines from the World Health Organization and national authorities regarding the coronavirus outbreak the Anti-Corruption Conference that was scheduled to take place in Cyprus on 12-13 May has been postponed. The Leinsweiler Seminar, scheduled for 15-18 May, is under scrutiny.

The fifth Leinsweiler Seminar, hosted by the German Bundestag, took place from 3 to 6 May in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. The topic of the seminar was "Economy – Source of Conflicts or Instrument for Conflict Prevention And Conflict Rehabilitation. Lessons learnt from European History.” Discussions at previous Leinsweiler seminars have focused on themes such as post-conflict border issues, how the renewed competition for geopolitical spheres of influence is impacting security in the OSCE area, how to prevent ethnic conflicts through law and the exchange of best practice, and increasing parliamentary contributions to OSCE conflict resolution efforts. (See hereherehere and here.)

Conferences that have taken place in recent years include a Parliamentary Conference on Combating International Terrorism, co-organized by the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and the Interparliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States, a Conference on Victims of Terrorism in the Sphere of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, hosted by the Spanish Senate, and a conference in Lisbon organized by the Portuguese Parliament and co-hosted by the OSCE PA entitled “Digital Resilience of a Democratic State.”

Unlike the PA's statutory meetings, which are held on a regular basis and are open to all members of the Assembly, these other conferences, seminars and forums are held on an ad hoc basis and participation may be restricted.

Reports from a number of previous OSCE PA conferences and seminars are available here.

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