Carina Ödebrink (Sweden) - Rapporteur

Ms. Carina Odebrink Mr. Jasenko Omanovic Mr. Lars Thomsson OSCE PA Autumn Meeting Marrakech 6 Oct. 2019 croppedCarina Ödebrink was elected as Rapporteur at the 2024 Annual Session in Bucharest.

She has been a Social Democratic member of the Swedish riksdag since 2023 for the region Jönköping County. Ödebrink is a qualified preschool teacher. She has been serving as the chair of the Social Democratic Party in Jönköping County between 2013-2023.

In the Swedish Parliament she has served in several committees. Currently she is the member of the Committee on Justice and the Committee on Transport and Communications.

Ödebrink has been a member of the OSCE PA since 2018 and has observed 12 elections in the OSCE region. She has been appointed Head of the delegation to the OSCE PA election observation mission to North Macedonia for the parliamentary elections 8 May 2024.

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