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News from Copenhagen is OSCE PA’s weekly newsletter, published every Wednesday in PDF format.                                                        Subscriptions to the newsletter can be attained by signing up at the bottom of this page.

pdf News from Copenhagen 132

22 December 2004

  • Seasons Greetings from the President

pdf News from Copenhagen 131

16 December 2004

  • President Hastings in Rabat, Tunis and Algiers
  • OSCE Chair appoints PA Vice-President Gert Weisskirchen as Personal Representative on Combating anti-Semitism
  • Security in the Mediterranean and Beyond
  • Theme for the 2005 OSCE PA Annual Session in Washington: 30 Years Since Helsinki: Challenges Ahead

pdf News from Copenhagen 130

9 December 2004

  • President Alcee L. Hastings addresses the 12th OSCE Ministerial Council in Sofia
  • Bureau Meeting in Sofia

pdf News from Copenhagen 129

23 November 2004

  • International Observers condemn Ukranian Presidential Elections

pdf News from Copenhagen 128

19 November 2004

  • President Alcee L. Hastings in Vienna, Venice and Moscow

pdf News from Copenhagen 127

16 November 2004

  • Parliamentarians Debate Fight Against Organized Crime in South Eastern Europe

pdf News from Copenhagen 126

9 November 2004

  • Parliamentarians Lead OSCE Observation of 2004 Elections in the United States

pdf News from Copenhagen 125

2 November 2004

  • Elections in Ukraine did not meet international standards

pdf News from Copenhagen 124

29 October 2004

  • Parliamentary Assembly deploys Election Observers to Ukraine and United States

pdf News from Copenhagen 123

20 October 2004

  • PA VP Tone Tingsgaard leads OSCE Observation of parliamentary elections in Belarus

pdf News from Copenhagen 122

12 October 2004

  • Leaders of OSCE Election Observation Mission to the US visit Washington

pdf News from Copenhagen 121

5 October 2004

  • C-i-O Passy and PA President Hastings meet in Sofia
  • OSCE PA Autumn Meetings in Rhodes
  • OSCE PA Standing Committee hears reports from OSCE Secretary General and PA Treasurer

pdf News from Copenhagen 120

22 September 2004

  • PA VP Ihor Ostash leads OSCE Observation of parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan
  • OSCE PA President addresses OSCE Conference on Tolerance
  • Vice-President Barbara Haering visits International Secretariat
  • Planning for Parliamentary Conference on Stability Pact

pdf News from Copenhagen 119

14 September 2004

  • OSCE Chairman appoints Parliamentarians to lead OSCE election observation missions to Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and United States
  • President Alcee Hastings, Secretary of State Powell Discuss OSCE Reforms, US Election Observation

pdf News from Copenhagen 118

22 July 2004

  • PA President Alcee L. Hastings, Chairman-in-Offi ce Solomon Passy pledge to work together for the OSCE
  • Edinburgh Statement on Belarus
  • Upcoming Events
  • OSCE PA Election Monitoring

pdf News from Copenhagen 117

20 July 2004

  • Gender Issues High On Edinburgh Agenda
  • Standing Committee Approves Budget
  • Dialogue With Mediterranean Partners
  • Moldova

pdf News from Copenhagen 116

14 July 2004

  • OSCE PA President Alcee Hastings Congratulated by CiO
  • PA Calls for reform and more transparency in OSCE
  • 13th OSCE PA Annual Session in Edinburgh: Elections

pdf News from Copenhagen 115

25 June 2004

  • OSCE PA strengthens relations with Mediterranean Partners for Co-operation
  • Working Group on Belarus Visits Minsk

pdf News from Copenhagen 114

22 June 2004

  • 300 OSCE Parliamentarians to Consider Current International Topics in Edinburgh
  • Parliamentary Team visits Moldova
  • Special Meeting on Gender Issues in Edinburgh
  • Mission to Ukraine

pdf News from Copenhagen 113

16 June 2004

  • OSCE PA Report shows that gender balance is still a problem in the OSCE



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