Parliamentary Assembly economic and environmental committee Chair Guliyev meets with OSCE counterparts in Vienna


180324 AG photo 1Bakyt Dzhusupov and Azay Guliyev, Vienna, 18 March 2024VIENNA, 18 March 2024 – Today, Azay Guliyev, Chair of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly’s General Committee on Economic Affairs, Science, Technology, and Environment, visited the headquarters of the OSCE and the PA Office in Vienna for a series of engagements.

The visit helped familiarize Guliyev with governmental efforts aimed at boosting economic and environmental security in the OSCE region, ensuring that executive and parliamentary agendas in this context are duly aligned, and to jointly explore possible synergies for the coming months.

A special emphasis was placed on climate change in view of several high-level upcoming events, including an OSCE conference in Malta and COP 29 which will take place in Baku later this year. Guliyev noted that artificial intelligence is also a top priority of the OSCE PA’s Second Committee, and shared information about the upcoming conference in Lisbon focused on this theme. Other priority topics included the environmental impact of war in Ukraine, anti-corruption, green energy transition, energy security, and connectivity.

“Considering the unprecedented challenges facing the OSCE area and the wider world, it is essential that we work together to build greater convergence between the OSCE executive and parliamentary structures in addressing top economic and environmental security threats,” Guliyev said. “The OSCE PA’s Second Committee strives to tackle economic and environmental challenges in a holistic and interdependent manner, and this is only possible with effective governmental, executive and parliamentary co-operation.”

180324 AG photo 2Giulia Buhagiar meets with Azay Guliyev in Vienna, 18 March 2024Guliyev was welcomed by the new Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities, Bakyt Dzhusupov, with his two deputies, Ralf Ernst Ralf and Sylvie Goyet. He was briefed by the Economic Governance Unit and Environmental Co-operation Unit on the wide range of ongoing activities, including in the areas of bridging digital divides and promoting wider access to digital technologies and skills, climate resilience and mitigation, combating corruption and enhancing food security. Discussions with the Planning and Co-ordination unit provided an opportunity to exchange plans on upcoming events.

Guliyev also explored ways to foster synergies with representatives of the 2024 Maltese OSCE Chairpersonship, including Giulia Buhagiar, Head of Economic and Environmental Dimension. At the meeting with the Maltese Chairpersonship in the OSCE PA Vienna Office, Guliyev welcomed the recent consensus on the agenda of the 2024 Economic and Environmental Forum. They explored ways to deepen co-operation on future activities, especially in the context of fighting climate change and in view of COP 29.



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