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pdf News from Copenhagen 280

10 December 2008

  • Alcee Hastings visits Mediterranean Partners
  • Kimmo Kiljunen travels to Tajikistan
  • Deadlines Reminder

pdf News from Copenhagen 279

4 December 2008

  • President Soares addresses OSCE Ministerial Council
  • Assembly leadership meets in Helsinki

pdf News from Copenhagen 278

26 November 2008

  • OSCE PA President addresses NATO PA and visits Greece
  • OSCE PA Winter Meeting: 19-20 February

pdf News from Copenhagen 277

19 November 2008

  • President Soares holds meetings in Vienna
  • Kiljunen speaks at OSCE-Afghanistan Conference in Kabul
  • Habsburg-Douglas represents PA at OSCE Human Dimension Meeting

pdf News from Copenhagen 276

11 November 2008

  • OSCE PA observes elections in the United States

pdf News from Copenhagen 275

22 October 2008

  • OSCE PA continues its US election observation work
  • Battelli leads OSCE PA fi eld visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina

pdf News from Copenhagen 274

15 October 2008

  • Soares visits Warsaw, addresses ODIHR meeting
  • Christmas-Moeller visits U.S. in preparation for elections

pdf News from Copenhagen 273

8 October 2008

  • Georgia Envoy Lennmarker holds talks in Moscow
  • Secretary General Oliver visits Dublin
  • Parliamentary Troika on Belarus meets in Brussels
  • U.S. Election Observation Deadline Reminder

pdf News from Copenhagen 272

2 October 2008

  • Mediterranean Forum focuses on integration and co-operation
  • Russia and Georgia debate the situation in the South Caucasus

pdf News from Copenhagen 271

1 October 2008

  • Parliamentary elections in Belarus fell short of OSCE commitments
  • Petur Blondal in Warsaw and Oslo
  • OSCE PA holds U.S. elections seminar

pdf News from Copenhagen 270

26 September 2008

  • Crisis in Georgia discussed at OSCE PA Fall Meetings
  • PA SG Oliver, ODIHR Director Lenarcic appear before US Helsinki Commision

pdf News from Copenhagen 269

15 September 2008

  • Anne-Marie Lizin to lead OSCE short-term observers in Belarus
  • Final preparations for OSCE PA Toronto Fall Meetings
  • Treasurer Hans Raidel visits International Secretariat
  • Secretary General to testify before US Helsinki Commission

pdf News from Copenhagen 268

10 September 2008

  • President Soares holds discussions in Moscow
  • President Emeritus Lennmarker visits South Caucasus

pdf News from Copenhagen 267

3 September 2008

  • OSCE PA preparing for Fall Meetings in Toronto
  • OSCE PA Special Envoy for Georgia travels to the Caucasus
  • Belarus election observation reminder

pdf News from Copenhagen 266

30 July 2008

  • Preparations continue for Fall Meetings, U.S. elections seminar
  • Oliver lectures on OSCE at Lund University
  • Vienna seminar follow-up
  • Belarus election observation reminder
  • OSCE PA International Secretariat goes on summer schedule

pdf News from Copenhagen 265

24 July 2008

  • OSCE PA Secretary General speaks at Vienna election seminar
  • Belarus Election Observation Reminder
  • Fall Meetings Reminder

pdf News from Copenhagen 264

17 July 2008

  • New ODIHR Director holds talks with OSCE PA in Copenhagen
  • Head of Russia's OSCE PA Delegation visits Secretariat
  • Deadline Reminder

pdf News from Copenhagen 263

15 July 2008

  • Four Vice-Presidents elected to the OSCE PA
  • New committee offi cers elected in Astana

pdf News from Copenhagen 262

9 July 2008

  • Parliamentarians call for greater transparency in the OSCE
  • Soares elected President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

pdf News from Copenhagen 261

23 June 2008

  • OSCE PA Presidential visit to Afghanistan
  • 17th Annual Session set to begin in Kazakhstan