International election observers in Turkey to hold press conference on Monday

ANKARA, 23 June 2018 – The international observers for the early presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey will present their preliminary post-election statement at a news conference on Monday, 25 June, in Ankara.

The international observation mission is a common endeavour involving the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (OSCE PA) and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

The statement will be delivered by Ignacio Sanchez Amor, Special Co-ordinator and leader of the short-term OSCE observer mission, followed by Olena Sotnyk, head of the PACE delegation, Peter Osusky, head of the OSCE PA delegation, and Ambassador Audrey Glover, head of the ODIHR election observation mission.

The international election observation mission comprises some 330 observers from 44 countries, including 231 long-term and short-term observers deployed by ODIHR, 67 accredited parliamentarians and staff from the OSCE PA and 33 parliamentarians and staff from PACE.

Live stream of the press conference will be available on the ODIHR homepage at, and on the OSCE PA homepage at

Journalists are invited to attend the press conference at 15:00, Monday, 25 June, at the Sheraton Hotel & Lugal Luxury Collection Centre (Tulipia 2), Şehit Ömer Haluk Sipahioğlu Sok., Kavaklidere, Cankaya, Turkey.

Journalists interested in interviewing Ignacio Sanchez Amor and Peter Osusky on election day can find information about a media opportunity here.

Photos from the OSCE PA’s Election Observation Mission are available for public use on Flickr.

For further information contact:

Nat Parry, OSCE PA, +90 (0)538 579 46 30 or +45 60 10 81 77, [email protected] 
Thomas Rymer, OSCE/ODIHR, +90 (0)537 236 12 80 or +48 609 522 266, [email protected] 
Nathalie Bargellini, PACE, +90 (0)544 568 12 38 or +33 (0) 6 65 40 32 82, [email protected] 



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