Video: Call for Action – Helsinki +50 meeting: future challenges for the OSCE

Video: Call for Action – Helsinki +50 meeting: future challenges for the OSCE

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The war in Ukraine has had a severe impact on OSCE processes and operations in a number of ways, beyond the obvious consequences of the violation of the Helsinki principles. OSCE PA Members can play an important role in raising awareness of these issues within the respective parliaments and urging governments to engage with a view to their timely and effective resolution.

Join the PA here for an online discussion of these issues. Starting at 14:00 on 31 May, the meeting is taking place in the framework of the Call for Action – Helsinki +50 initiative, and will include the following guests:

Opening remarks

  • Margareta Cederfelt, OSCE PA President
  • Roberto Montella, OSCE PA Secretary General

Panel presentations

  • Ambassador Igor Djundev, Chairperson of the OSCE Permanent Council and
    Permanent Representative of North Macedonia to the OSCE
  • Matteo Mecacci, Director of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and
    Human Rights (ODIHR)
  • Allison Hart, Senior Advisor/Chief of Staff to the OSCE Secretary General
  • Doug Wake, Independent expert, former US diplomat and senior OSCE

Moderator: Ambassador Lamberto Zannier, OSCE PA High-Level Expert



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