About the International Secretariat

The International Secretariat provides administrative support for the Assembly in its various activities. The Secretariat organizes the meetings of the Assembly, including the Annual Session, meetings of the Standing Committee and the Bureau. The Secretariat also does preparatory work for election monitoring projects, special missions and Presidential visits. Its work is carried out in co-operation with other OSCE Institutions and other International Parliamentary Organizations.


National contributions to the Budget of the Assembly are apportioned according to the formula used to divide the costs of the intergovernmental OSCE. The OSCE PA Treasurer, assisted by the Secretary General, presents to the Standing Committee the draft budget for the following financial year. The Standing Committee approves the budget and makes it available to the Assembly at its Annual Session. 

The Assembly's budget covers most of the organizational and staff expenses relating to the Annual Sessions, Autumn and Winter Meetings, Standing Committee and Bureau Meetings. Missions, official visits and the election monitoring programmes, as well as the costs of the International Secretariat's staff salaries, travel and office maintenance are also included in the annual budget. Host Parliaments of the Annual Sessions have all contributed significantly by providing considerable support to these regular events, ensuring their successes and contributing to substantive cost savings.

Copenhagen Headquarters

The International Secretariat is based in Copenhagen, where the Danish Folketing has very generously provided excellent office facilities free of charge for the Assembly's International Secretariat.

Vienna Office

The Austrian Foreign Ministry generously provides financial support for the OSCE PA Vienna Office, where the OSCE headquarters are located and the regular meetings between the participating States take place. 

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