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News from Copenhagen is OSCE PA’s weekly newsletter, published every Wednesday in PDF format.                                                        Subscriptions to the newsletter can be attained by signing up at the bottom of this page.

pdf News from Copenhagen 16

13 December 2000

  • President Severin will lead OSCE Observation of Serbian Elections
  • Seminar on Self-Government
  • OSCE PA Delegation to Discuss Azerbaijani Election Shortcomings

pdf News from Copenhagen 15

1 December 2000

  • President Severin Addresses Eighth OSCE Ministerial Council
  • Bureau meets in Vienna
  • Elections in Serbia

pdf News from Copenhagen 14

22 November 2000

  • Parliamentarians Monitor Elections in Azerbaijan and Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • President Severin Addresses NATO Parliamentarians

pdf News from Copenhagen 13

2 November 2000

  • OSCE PA Democracy Team Visits Kosovo
  • Election Update
  • President Severin to address Ministerial Council
  • OSCE PA Representation at Nordic Council Session

pdf News from Copenhagen 12

1 November 2000

  • President Severin addresses Mediterranean Seminar in Portorož
  • PA at Stability Pact Meeting in Bucharest
  • OSCE PA President participates in Troika Meeting

pdf News from Copenhagen 10

24 October 2000

  • President Severin visits Belgrade
  • Parliamentarians attend OSCE Implementation Meeting in Warsaw
  • Parliamentary Troika in Belarus
  • Elections Update

pdf News from Copenhagen 09

12 October 2000

  • President Severin chairs Seminar on Organized Crime and Corruption
  • Parliamentary Team on Moldova visits Chisinau and Tiraspol
  • Election Update
  • New Research Fellows at the International Secretariat in Copenhagen

pdf News from Copenhagen 08

October 2000

  • Expanded Bureau Meets in Limassol

pdf News from Copenhagen 07

September 2000

  • President Severin holds talks in Vienna, addresses Permanent Council and meets OSCE Chairperson-in-Office
  • Chair of the State Duma represents OSCE PA in New York
  • Vice-President Ihor Ostash moderates Round Table on Elections in Kazakhstan
  • Vice-President Rita Süssmuth visits Kosovo
  • President Severin addresses Parliamentary Stability Pact Summit in Zagreb.......
  • .....................and Seminar in Italy
  • Vice Chair of the First Committee visits International Secretariat in Copenhagen
  • New Research Fellows

pdf News from Copenhagen 06

August 2000

  • President Severin on working visit to the International Secretariat
  • Helsinki Final Act Anniversary reception in Copenhagen
  • President Severin establishes a Bureau Working Group on the Rules of Procedure
  • Vice-President Rita Süssmuth visits Kosovo
  • Severin to Attend Stability pact meeting
  • New Research Fellows

pdf News from Copenhagen 05

19 June 2000

  • On 19-21 June Mr. Adrian Severin (Romania), Chair of the ad hoc Working Group on Belarus, will visit Minsk to meet with the President of the Republic
  • On 19 June, President Helle Degn will deliver a statement at the Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting on Trafficking in Human Beings
  • Mr. András Bársony (Hungary), Rapporteur of the First General Committee, will represent the OSCE PA at the Rose-Roth Seminar
  • On 6 June Secretary General Spencer Oliver met in Brussels with the Secretary General of the European Parliament, Mr. Julian Priestly
  • In connection with the preparations for the 2001 Annual Session in Paris , Mr. R. Spencer Oliver, Secretary General, and Mr. Vitaly Evseyev, Deputy Secretary General, visited France from 7-9 June
  • The OSCE Parliamentary Team on Moldova visited Moldova for the second time on 8-9 June 2000
  • On 13 June Mr. Kimmo Kiljunen (Finland), Chair of the Assembly´s General Committee on Political Affairs and Security, represented the OSCE PA at the Fifteenth Plenary Assembly of the IPA CIS in St. Petersburg

pdf News from Copenhagen 04

30 May 2000

  • From 23-24 May the Chair of the Parliamentary Team on Moldova, Mr. Kimmo Kiljunen and Team Member Mrs. Tone Tingsgard visited Moscow
  • From 29 May to 2 June 2000, President Degn is visiting Russia and Azerbaijan
  • Mr. Jan Jooren, Counsellor for Press and Public Affairs of the International Secretariat attended the third Public Affairs Roundtable on 17 to 19 May 2000 in Vienna
  • Deputy Secretary General Vitaly Evseyev visited Cyprus from 22 to 25 May
  • On 15 to 17 May, in preparation for the Annual Session, Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Vitaly Evseyev, Press Counsellor, Mr. Jan Jooren and General Services Officer, Mr. Kurt Andersen visited Bucharest
  • On 1 June, the Chairman of the ad hoc Working Group on Belarus, Mr. Adrian Severin, will visit Moscow
  • As of 1 June Mr. Paul LeGendre will join the International Secretariat
  • 9th Annual Session: The Secretariat has sent copies of the Draft Resolution of the three General Committees in all languages to Heads and Secretaries of Delegations

pdf News from Copenhagen 03

12 May 2000

  • The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly has awarded the 2000 OSCE Prize for Journalism and Democracy to the Russian reporter Andrei Babitsky
  • More than 80 parliamentarians from 32 OSCE countries participated in the Democratic Development Seminar in Antalya entitled “New risks and challenges: Minorities in the 21st Century” from 12 to 13 April 2000
  • During the meeting of the Expanded Bureau on 10 and 11 April 2000 in Antalya, members considered the draft reports and resolutions
  • The Assembly´s ad hoc Committee on Election Monitoring also met in Antalya
  • On 23 to 29 April 2000, OSCE PA President Mrs. Helle Degn paid an official visit to Georgia and Armenia
  • On 4 May Mrs. Degn addressed the Permanent Council of the OSCE
  • President Helle Degn also addressed the Conference of Speakers and Presidents of National Parliaments and European Parliamentary Assemblies in Strasbourg from 5-6 May 2000
  • Vice President Tana de Zulueta will represent the OSCE PA at the General Assembly of PABSEC
  • President Helle Degn has been appointed by the Chairperson-in-Office, Austrian Foreign Minister Ms. Benita Ferrero-Waldner to represent the OSCE as a whole at a special session of the UN General Assembly in New York from 5 to 9 June
  • Deputy Secretary General Pentti Väänänen attended the “Technical Conference on International Election Observation in Belarus in 2000” in Vienna on 7 April

pdf News from Copenhagen 02

23 March 2000

  • Presidential Elections in Russia on 26 March
  • OSCE Permanent Council meetings in Vienna on 10 and 24 February
  • Vice-President Ihor Ostash (Ukraine) visited Kazakhstan to discuss the follow-up to the OSCE/ODIHR Final Report on the Parliamentary Elections
  • President Degn’s visit to Romania 21-23 February
  • The Parliamentary Team on Moldova visited the country for the first time between 29 February
  • and 3 March 2000
  • Parliamentary Troika visit to Belarus on 2–3 March
  • the Chair of the ad hoc Working Group on Belarus, Mr. Adrian Severin, testified before a US Congressional Helsinki Commission hearing on recent developments in Belarus
  • OSCE Prize for Journalism and Democracy
  • President Helle Degn visited Japan, a Partner for Co-operation, on 5 March
  • President Degn will visit Georgia and Armenia at the end of April
  • Ms. Ritt Bjerregaard, a former Vice-President of the Assembly and EU Commissioner for the Environment, has been appointed Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries in the Danish Government

pdf News from Copenhagen 01

16 February 2000

  • Seminar on Strengthening Parliamentary Defence Committees in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Democracy Team on Moldova
  • Parliamentary Troika on Belaru
  • Follow up Mission on the Kazakh elections
  • Parliamentary Elections in Kyrgyzstan on 20 February 2000
  • President Degn's official visit to Romania from 21-23 February 2000
  • Presidential Election of the Russian Federation on 26 March 2000
  • New Research Fellows join the International Secretariat



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