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News from Copenhagen is OSCE PA’s weekly newsletter, published every Wednesday in PDF format.                                                        Subscriptions to the newsletter can be attained by signing up at the bottom of this page.

pdf News from Copenhagen 42

10 December 2001

  • Severin addresses Ninth Ministerial Council: PA Claims Right to be Consulted, to Encourage and to Warn
  • Bureau Meeting
  • Meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee on Transparency and Accountability

pdf News from Copenhagen 43

19 December 2001

  • OSCE PA Field Visit to Latvia and Estonia
  • Vice-President Tan represents PA at the Bishkek International Conference
  • President Severin visits Bulgaria and addresses the General Assembly of PABSEC

pdf News from Copenhagen 41

6 December 2001

  • President Severin continues OSCE PA efforts in South-East Europe
  • Ad hoc working group on Belarus visits Minsk
  • OSCE PA President Visits Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Russia

pdf News from Copenhagen 40

21 November 2001

  • Parliamentarians Monitor Assembly Elections in Kosovo
  • PA Participation in the OSCE Mediterranean Seminar
  • Activities of the International Secretariat

pdf News from Copenhagen 39

6 November 2001

  • President Severin Visits Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia
  • Activities of the International Secretariat
  • President Severin attends the “3+3” in Vaduz
  • New Members of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Belarus

pdf News from Copenhagen 38

22 October 2001

  • Parliamentary Conference on Migration
  • Activities of the International Secretariat
  • Committee Chair Weisskirchen represents PA at Traffi cking in Persons Conference
  • New Chair Working Group on Belarus

pdf News from Copenhagen 37

15 October 2001

  • Next Chairman-in-Office: Close Co-operation with OSCE Parliamentary Assembly
  • U.S. Rep. Steny Hoyer appointed Chair of Oversight Committee
  • Assembly Declaration on the Fight against Terrorism
  • Theme 11th Annual Session

pdf News from Copenhagen 36

4 October 2001

  • Mr. Jacques Floch takes up post in the French Government
  • Secretary Generals Oliver and Kubiš Meet in Vienna
  • Stability Pact Troika Meeting in Brussels
  • OSCE/ODIHR Human Dimension Implementation Meeting
  • Election Update: Kosovo

pdf News from Copenhagen 35

14 September 2001

  • Parliamentarians Monitor Presidential Elections in Belarus
  • President Severin Addresses the Permanent Council
  • President Severin visits the headquarters of the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture in Copenhagen
  • OSCE PA Gender Unit Re-organized
  • President Severin expresses condolences to the American people

pdf News from Copenhagen 34

20 July 2001

  • Assembly Paris Declaration Calls for More Oversight and Accountability in the OSCE
  • OSCE Prize for Journalism and Democracy Ceremony
  • Election Update: Belarus

pdf News from Copenhagen 33

29 June 2001

  • Parliamentarians Monitor Elections in Albania
  • President Severin visits Poland
  • OSCE Troika
  • OSCE Parliamentarians visit Georgia
  • Belarus

pdf News from Copenhagen 32

19 June 2001

  • President Severin visits Canada, United States
  • President Severin sends a letter to the Permanent Council
  • Bureau of the Third General Committee meets in Heidelberg
  • Third Round Table on Elections in Kazakhstan

pdf News from Copenhagen 31

8 June 2001

  • OSCE PA Moldova Committee Organizes Seminar on Self-Government
  • PA Delegation attends Human Dimension Seminar
  • Stability Pact Strengthens its Parliamentary Dimension
  • President Severin on Offi cial Visit to Sweden

pdf News from Copenhagen 30

31 May 2001

  • Kosovo Committee address Women in Politics Seminar
  • OSCE PA Delegation attends 9th OSCE Economic Forum in Prague
  • OSCE Public Affairs Round Table in Vienna
  • 10th Annual Session in Paris
  • Election Update: Albania

pdf News from Copenhagen 29

17 May 2001

  • Parliamentary Assembly Leaders Meet President Putin
  • Secretary General Spencer Oliver Participates in Hague Seminar
  • Election Update: Albania

pdf News from Copenhagen 28

10 May 2001

  • President Severin completes Central Asia visit
  • Mr. Alcee Hastings Appointed to US Helsinki Commission
  • Head of Office in Yerevan visits OSCE PA International Secretariat
  • Election Update: Albania
  • NATO PA Spring Session
  • New Research Fellows

pdf News from Copenhagen 27

27 April 2001

  • Parliamentarians Monitor Elections in Montenegro
  • President Severin Requests Parliamentarians to Take on Special Roles
  • President Severin Visits Central Asia

pdf News from Copenhagen 26

23 April 2001

  • Spanish and Ukrainian journalists share Journalism and Democracy Prize
  • OSCE PA President Adrian Severin Visits Albania
  • Stability Pact Troika

pdf News from Copenhagen 25

2 April 2001

  • President Severin visits fYR of Macedonia and Kosovo
  • OSCE PA Delegates Address Preparatory Seminar for OSCE Economic Forum
  • Preparations for the 10th Annual Session in Paris continue....
  • Election Update: Montenegro

pdf News from Copenhagen 24

20 March 2001

  • OSCE PA President Adrian Severin meets EP and PACE Presidents in Strasbourg
  • Parliamentary Troika Visits Belarus



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