pdf News from Copenhagen 723

14 November 2018

  • PA President and Secretary General visit Italy, Holy See and San Marino
  • Voridis presents PA’s counter-terrorism recommendations to OSCE Security Committee

pdf News from Copenhagen 722

7 November 2018

  • US elections competitive, but voting rights not guaranteed for all, observers say
  • Chair of OSCE PA Ad Hoc Committee on Countering Terrorism addresses Vienna conference

pdf News from Copenhagen 721

31 October 2018

  • Georgia’s presidential election: competitive, genuine choice, unlevel playing field
  • Allizard addresses Mediterranean Conference
  • Nothelle speaks at ODIHR Electoral Seminar

pdf News from Copenhagen 720

24 October 2018

  • Ad Hoc Committee on Migration members visit Sweden and Denmark
  • Italian Ambassador meets with SG Montella
  • Former PA President visits Secretariat

pdf News from Copenhagen 719

17 October 2018

  • Tsereteli meets incoming CiO in Bratislava, speaks in Vienna and Geneva
  • OSCE MPs debate future of election observation at European Parliament
  • Hoxha participates in EEDIM in Vienna
  • Kanerva addresses Astana conference

pdf News from Copenhagen 718

10 October 2018

  • Autumn Meeting closes in Bishkek
  • OSCE PA observes BiH elections
  • Tsereteli addresses Eurasian Speakers of Parliament in Antalya

pdf News from Copenhagen 717

3 October 2018

  • OSCE PA’s 17th Autumn Meeting opens in Bishkek
  • Voridis and Kauma to lead observers in Bosnia and Herzegovina

pdf News from Copenhagen 716

26 September 2018

  • OSCE PA set to gather for 17th Autumn Meeting in Bishkek
  • In visit to Baku, President Tsereteli invites greater role for parliament
  • Special Rep. Pritchard continues series of visits with two days of meetings in Belgrade
  • Special Rep. Allizard holds meetings in Rabat on migration and Mediterranean co-operation

pdf News from Copenhagen 715

19 September 2018

  • In Rome, President Tsereteli builds co-operation with Italian OSCE Chairmanship
  • Electoral reforms, regional security focus of President Tsereteli’s visit to Armenia
  • PA continues high-level participation in Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

pdf News from Copenhagen 714

12 September 2018

  • High-level PA participation at Human Dimension Implementation Meeting
  • Vice-President Guliyev addresses seminar on Afghanistan and Central Asia in Tashkent
  • OSCE PA President Tsereteli visits Secretariat, meets with Secretary General and staff

pdf News from Copenhagen 713

5 September 2018

  • Bishkek meeting, election observation missions top autumn agenda
  • OSCE PA Secretary General Montella meets with new OSCE CiO Milanesi in Vienna

pdf News from Copenhagen 712

29 August 2018

  • PA’s new Special Representative on South East Europe visits Albania and Montenegro
  • Upcoming OSCE PA autumn activities
  • Former Third Committee Rapporteur visits Secretariat

pdf News from Copenhagen 711

25 July 2018

  • President Tsereteli addresses OSCE media conference in Tbilisi
  • OSCE PA Special Representative in Vienna briefs governmental side on Annual Session

pdf News from Copenhagen 710

18 July 2018

  • MPs address ethnic conflict prevention at Berlin seminar
  • In Ukraine, Special Rep on Gender Issues links gender equality to reform efforts
  • Tsereteli speaks at Udine conference on national minorities in inter-state relations

pdf News from Copenhagen 709

12 July 2018

  • OSCE PA adopts Berlin Declaration
  • New Bureau elected in Berlin

pdf News from Copenhagen 708

4 July 2018

  • South East Europe in focus at London seminar
  • OSCE PA and Bundestag staff finalize preparations for 27th Annual Session in Berlin
  • OSCE PA SG Montella builds co-operation with OSCE counterparts in Vienna

pdf News from Copenhagen 707

27 June 2018

  • Pres. Tsereteli hails progress in Trandsniestrian settlement process
  • Observers: Genuine choice in Turkish elections, but unequal conditions
  • Special Rep. Allizard addresses OSCE Mediterranean Contact Group on Cybersecurity

pdf News from Copenhagen 706

20 June 2018

  • Pres. Tsereteli, Second Committee Rapporteur Katsarava host OSCE ambassadors
  • Secretariat staff in Morocco for assessment of OSCE PA 2019 Autumn Meeting
  • ODIHR Director meets PA Vice-President
  • Annual Session deadline reminder

pdf News from Copenhagen 705

13 June 2018

  • Focus on migrant children in OSCE PA field visit to Serbia
  • OSCE PA visit to BiH highlights counter-terrorism efforts
  • Secretariat hosts former NATO SG and Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen

pdf News from Copenhagen 704

6 June 2018

  • Sanchez Amor completes two-day visit to Turkey ahead of 24 June elections
  • Current and former OSCE PA Presidents hold meetings in Warsaw and Moscow
  • OSCE PA’s conference team visits Berlin to prepare for Annual Session next month