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16 сентября 2011

THE HILL 16 September 2011 By R. Spencer Oliver Like in the United States, during campaign season here in Denmark it's hard to drive a block without seeing wall-to-wall campaign signs. And like in America, the top issue here is overwhelmingly the economy. But the biggest difference in campaign season between our two countries – aside from the length – is the money. With a ban on political TV ads in Denmark, cash plays a much smaller role in the

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CDA.nl ( Dutch ) 11 August 2011 By Kathleen Ferrier and Kamiel Mesie For many years, the topic of migration has dominated the political debate in the Netherlands; in particular the negative consequences of migration. Here, people (unconsciously?) use terms that generate fear, such as metaphors referring to floods, like 'migration flows', 'waves of migrants' or in terms of referring to uncontrollable quantities, e.g., 'mass immigration'. The

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11 августа 2011

CDA.nl ( English ) 11 August 2011 Van Kathleen Ferrier en Kamiel Mesie Al jaren beheerst het thema migratie het politieke debat, ook in Nederland, en dan met name de negatieve gevolgen van migratie. Daarbij gebruikt men (onbewust?) termen die angst aanjagen, zoals de door Muus[1]als watertaal aangeduide metaforen die refereren aan watersnoodrampen, zoals migratiestromen, golven van migranten of termen die verwijzen naar onbeheersbare

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Hurriyet 2 June 2011 By R. Spencer Oliver Amid sweeping changes to the political landscape in the Mediterranean, the reinforcement of Turkey's commitment to democracy and regional leadership is now more important than ever. The Arab Spring may very well bring democracy to countries in the Mediterranean and Middle East regions; where for too long regimes have operated without accountability from the people. A revolutionary wave of protests and

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Grand Forks Herald (USA) 29 May 2011 By Neil Simon COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- North Dakota recently became one of only four states in the country to enact a law guaranteeing its elections are open to international observers. To most people who follow the action in Bismarck, the one-page election observation act authored by state Sen. Ray Holmberg, R-Grand Forks, and signed into law by Gov. Jack Dalrymple barely was noticed as just another

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National Post (Canada) 15 September 2008 By Jerry Grafstein For the first time since violence erupted in Georgia this summer, Russian and Georgian parliamentarians soon will sit down to discuss the conflict between their two countries face to face -- and it will be happening right here in Canada: This week, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly (OSCE PA) conducts its fall meeting in Toronto. Georgia and

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