OSCE PA President Kauma condemns Russia’s holding of ‘elections’ on Ukrainian territory



COPENHAGEN, 14 March 2024 – Today, on the eve of three days of elections in the Russian Federation, OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President Pia Kauma (Finland) reiterated a statement she issued in January criticizing Moscow’s “deeply regrettable” decision not to invite OSCE observers and stressed that the holding of parliamentary elections on occupied territory of Ukraine is unacceptable.

“We resolutely condemn the so-called ‘elections’ in occupied regions of Ukraine, which we see as part of Moscow’s attempts to solidify its illegal occupation and annexation,” President Kauma said.

She recalled that the OSCE PA has observed in Russia regularly since 1993, but only in recent years has not done so as Russia has breached its commitment to welcome observation by other OSCE countries. This, she said, is part of a pattern of breaching OSCE commitments, including respect for territorial integrity of its neighbours, and basic humanitarian norms.

“People are going to the polls, yes, but the elimination of any organized opposition in recent years, effective control of the media space by the incumbent authorities, as well as consistent breaches of freedoms of expression, association and assembly all call into doubt whether these should really be considered elections,” Kauma said.

“We look forward to a time when we can again engage in a constructive process of working to improve democratic processes in Russia, in close co-operation with the people and authorities of Russia,” she added. “Unfortunately, the complete disrespect of the current authorities for democratic principles, international norms, or detailed commitments that the Russian Government has itself undertaken has made this impossible on this occasion.”

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