Doris Barnett (Germany) - Chair

BarnettDoris 2018

Doris Barnett (Germany) was appointed Chair of the General Committee on Economic Affairs, Science, Technology and Environment on 20 March 2020.

She previously served as Treasurer of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. First elected at the 2015 Annual Session in Helsinki after serving for two years as a Vice-President. She was re-elected Treasurer at the 2017 Annual Session in Minsk.

Barnett is the Head of the German Delegation to the OSCE PA and also a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Barnett has been a member of the German Bundestag since 1994 and currently serves as Chair of the Committee on European Union Affairs and member of the Budget Committee.

Prior to serving in her national parliament, Barnett headed the Social Administration Office of the City of Ludwigshafen, where she was responsible for general social services, combating unemployment, housing issues and caring for asylum-seekers. She is a state Chairwoman for the environmental association Friends of Nature and serves on the board of directors of Institute for European Politics.

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