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News from Copenhagen is OSCE PA’s weekly newsletter, published every Wednesday in PDF format.                                                        Subscriptions to the newsletter can be attained by signing up at the bottom of this page.

pdf News from Copenhagen 81

20 June 2003

  • Talks on Parliamentary Reforms in Kyrgyzstan
  • Bruce George Visits Ukraine
  • Parliamentary Dialogue on Oversight of Armed Forces

pdf News from Copenhagen 80

13 June 2003

  • OSCE Parliamentarians focus on Central Asia

pdf News from Copenhagen 79

3 June 2003

  • Parliamentary Working Group on Belarus Visits Gomel and Minsk
  • Barbara Haering Represents PA at OSCE Economic Forum
  • Tone Tingsgaard holds talks in Georgia
  • Bruce George Meets Czech Delegation
  • OSCE Heads of Institution Meeting

pdf News from Copenhagen 78

27 May 2003

  • OSCE PA President George Visits Bulgaria
  • Giovanni Kessler Leads OSCE Election Monitors in Armenia
  • Stability Pact Conference

pdf News from Copenhagen 77

20 May 2003

  • Parliamentarians adopt Bern Declaration on Promoting SMEs in the OSCE area

pdf News from Copenhagen 76

19 May 2003

  • OSCE Parliamentary Impetus in Search for Solution to Transdniestrian Conflict

pdf News from Copenhagen 75

28 April 2003

  • 14th Annual Session in Washington, July 2005
  • OSCE PA Sharpens Focus on Central Asia
  • Vice-President Alcee Hastings Visits the International Secretariat

pdf News from Copenhagen 74

11 April 2003

  • OSCE PA Field Visit to Skopje
  • Parliamentary Conferenc on the Stability Pact to be held in Brussels
  • Registration Reminder

pdf News from Copenhagen 73

4 April 2003

  • President Bruce George visits Rome
  • Parliamentary Field Visit to Albania
  • Preparations for Berne Conference

pdf News from Copenhagen 72

25 March 2003

  • Observation of parliamentary elections in Armenia
  • Swedish Delegation Meets OSCE Officials
  • OSCE PA Participates in European Parliament Hearing

pdf News from Copenhagen 71

12 March 2003

  • OSCE PA Promotes Political Dialogue in Moldova
  • Berne Conference to Foster Small and Medium Sized Business in the OSCE area
  • From Vienna

pdf News from Copenhagen 70

4 March 2003

  • Busy OSCE PA Spring Schedule
  • Bilaterals at Vienna Winter Meeting
  • Bruce George Meets with OSCE Mediterranean Contact Group
  • Before proposing the debate on Iraq in Vienna, President Bruce George met with Dr. Hans Blix at the UN in NY.

pdf News from Copenhagen 69

26 February 2003

  • Winter Meeting Debates Iraq Crisis

pdf News from Copenhagen 68

14 February 2003

  • More than 250 Parliamentarians to attend Winter Meeting
  • Parliamentary Field Visit to Croatia
  • Working Group on Belarus Visits Minsk

pdf News from Copenhagen 67

7 February 2003

  • Anna Politkovskaya Wins Journalism Prize
  • President George Visits Moscow
  • Address to Council of Europe PA
  • OSCE PA Vice-President Gert Weisskirchen attends “3+3”

pdf News from Copenhagen 66

17 January 2003

  • Liason Offi ce Opened in Vienna
  • OSCE Troika Meeting
  • President Bruce George attends Heads of Mission meeting in Vienna
  • European Parliament takes over the Presidency of the Parliamentary Troika on the Stability Pact

pdf News from Copenhagen 97

17 December 2003

  • OSCE Parliamentarians, ODIHR to Lead Observation of Presidential Elections in Georgia
  • Head of Norwegian Delegation Visits Copenhagen
  • Vice-President Ostash to Lead Serbian Election Observers

pdf News from Copenhagen 96

11 December 2003

  • Bruce George Leads OSCE Observation of State Duma Elections

pdf News from Copenhagen 95

3 December 2003

  • Bruce George Addresses the 11th Ministerial Council in Maastricht
  • OSCE Journalism and Democracy Prize to Committee to Protect Journalists

pdf News from Copenhagen 94

28 November 2003

  • President Bruce George to lead OSCE Observation of Russian Elections
  • The Assembly comments on the OSCE Budget
  • OSCE PA to observe Presidential Elections in Georgia



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