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News from Copenhagen is OSCE PA’s weekly newsletter, published every Wednesday in PDF format.                                                        Subscriptions to the newsletter can be attained by signing up at the bottom of this page.

pdf News from Copenhagen 153

12 July 2005

  • Washington Declaration Adopted, President Hastings Re-Elected

pdf News from Copenhagen 169

23 December 2005

  • OSCE PA Bureau approves agenda for 2006 Winter Meeting in Vienna
  • Ukraine Elections to be held on 26 March 2006
  • Rapporteur of Political Affairs and Security Committee visits the International Secretariat

pdf News from Copenhagen 168

15 December 2005

  • European Union, United States, Denmark and Bulgaria praise work of the OSCE PA at Ministerial Council
  • Senator Anne-Marie Lizin to visit Guantánamo Facility
  • Preparatory visit to Ukraine

pdf News from Copenhagen 167

9 December 2005

  • Hastings addresses 13th OSCE Ministerial Council, OSCE PA Expanded Bureau meets in Ljubljana
  • Kazakh election fl awed despite some administrative improvements

pdf News from Copenhagen 166

30 November 2005

  • Preparations for Brussels Session in Full Swing
  • Assembly Recommendations on OSCE Budget Conveyed to OSCE Permanent Council
  • Göran Lennmarker Visits the International Secretariat
  • Expanded Bureau to Meet in Ljubljana

pdf News from Copenhagen 165

24 November 2005

  • Hastings visits Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Georgia
  • Belgian Ambassador visits Assembly Headquarters

pdf News from Copenhagen 164

14 November 2005

  • Bruce George appointed by OSCE Chairman-in-Office to lead OSCE election observers in Kazakhstan
  • Roberto Battelli represents PA in Stability Pact workshop in Belgrade
  • Expanded Bureau to meet in Ljubljana
  • Former OSCE Chairman-in-Office joins OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

pdf News from Copenhagen 163

8 November 2005

  • Hastings: Azerbaijan’s parliamentary elections “did not meet” international commitments

pdf News from Copenhagen 162

27 October 2005

  • President Hastings meets with Prime Minister of Georgia
  • OSCE PA participates in seminar on refugees and displaced persons in South-East Europe

pdf News from Copenhagen 161

17 October 2005

  • Standing Committee Meets in Sveti-Stefan
  • Sub-Committee on the Rules of Procedure

pdf News from Copenhagen 160

10 October 2005

  • 2005 Autumn Meetings in Sveti-Stefan
  • President Hastings urges reform and co-operation to OSCE Permanent Council

pdf News from Copenhagen 159

3 October 2005

  • OSCE Chairman-in-Offi ce appoints President Alcee L. Hastings to Lead OSCE Election Observation in Azerbaijan
  • Vice-President Pia Christmas-Møller visits the International Secretariat
  • OSCE PA Participates in Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

pdf News from Copenhagen 158

23 September 2005

  • Hastings welcomes US elections follow-up
  • President Hastings meets with new OSCE Economic Co-ordinator
  • New Research Fellows join Secretariat

pdf News from Copenhagen 157

13 September 2005

  • President Hastings Addresses World Conference of Speakers of Parliament
  • Sveti-Stefan Preparations
  • OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Participates in Mediterranean Seminar

pdf News from Copenhagen 156

2 September 2005

  • President Hastings holds high-level meetings in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

pdf News from Copenhagen 155

22 July 2005

  • Report on Guantanamo
  • Gender Issues in focus

pdf News from Copenhagen 154

19 July 2005

  • ‘Tangible progress’ in Kyrgyzstan elections
  • Albanian elections competitive, with procedural shortcomings

pdf News from Copenhagen 152

27 June 2005

  • Hastings Presents Special Report on The Future of the OSCE

pdf News from Copenhagen 151

21 June 2005

  • Kiljunen: OSCE could organize elections in Transdniestria
  • Amendments Reminder
  • President Hastings Appoints Rules Committee

pdf News from Copenhagen 150

15 June 2005

  • Córdoba Declaration: Crucial role for Parliamentarians in Fight Against Anti-Semitism and Intolerance
  • Ukraine Television Channel Five to be Awarded Journalism Prize



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