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News from Copenhagen is OSCE PA’s weekly newsletter, published every Wednesday in PDF format.                                                        Subscriptions to the newsletter can be attained by signing up at the bottom of this page.

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13 November 2019

  • Presidential visit to Egypt highlights security, individual freedoms and Mediterranean co-operation
  • EOM deadline reminder
  • PA’s Miladinovic and Charalambides promote co-operation on cybersecurity and fighting corruption
  • OSCE HCNM and Representative on Combating Anti-Semitism visit the OSCE PA International Secretariat

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6 November 2019

  • President Tsereteli stresses effective multilateralism at OSCE Permanent Council
  • High-level OSCE PA participation at the 2019 Nordic Council in Stockholm
  • Ambassador Nothelle represents the PA at OSCE forums in Slovakia and Hungary

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30 October 2019

  • President Tsereteli and SG Montella engage with PACE and EP in Strasbourg
  • Special Representative Charalambides urges greater political will in fighting corruption
  • VP Cederfelt speaks about sustainable development at OSCE Mediterranean Conference

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23 October 2019

  • PA President Tsereteli and SG Montella build co-operation with IPU in Belgrade
  • OSCE PA staff attend conference in London to explore developments in technology
  • Featured tweets @oscepa

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16 October 2019

  • OSCE PA President Tsereteli, Secretary General Montella in Serbia this week
  • OSCE PA report seeks to enhance counter-terrorism co-operation
  • Eidsheim represents PA at Arctic Circle
  • Pritchard attends NATO PA Annual Session

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9 October 2019

  • OSCE PA holds 18th Autumn Meeting in Morocco
  • Montella meets with delegation from Albanian Parliament at OSCE PA headquarters in Copenhagen

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2 October 2019

  • OSCE PA President Tsereteli speaks on parliamentary oversight in Bishkek
  • Vice-President Cederfelt represents PA at the Parliamentary Forum in Montenegro
  • Amb. Nothelle speaks at seminar focused on implementation of election-related commitments

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25 September 2019

  • OSCE PA President Tsereteli, Vice-President Allizard in Kazakhstan this week
  • OSCE PA Events App updated for Marrakech Autumn Meeting
  • Treasurer Juel-Jensen visits Secretariat for discussions on PA finances

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18 September 2019

  • High-level OSCE PA participation at Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw
  • OSCE PA Special Representative on Fighting Corruption visits Vienna
  • Side event in Warsaw highlights OSCE PA human rights work

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11 September 2019

  • High-level OSCE PA participation at sustainable development conference in Switzerland
  • Media registration open for Marrakech Autumn Meeting
  • Preparations underway for 2020 Annual Session in Vancouver
  • Featured tweets @oscepa

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4 September 2019

  • PA President visits Copenhagen, holding meetings at Secretariat, Parliament and Foreign Ministry
  • OSCE PA Special Representatives appointed
  • Vice-President Cederfelt represents PA at Economic Forum in Poland
  • PA organizes Informal Brainstorming meeting on Election Observation in Denmark

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24 July 2019

  • OSCE Parliamentary Assembly observes early parliamentary elections in Ukraine
  • Humanitarian concerns in focus during third Committee Chair’s meetings in Southeast Ukraine

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17 July 2019

  • President Tsereteli emphasizes inclusive multilateralism at human dimension meeting in Vienna
  • New OSCE PA videos
  • Special Representative Nothelle presents Annual Session outcomes to OSCE ambassadors
  • President Emeritus Kanerva stresses need for dialogue at Moscow forum

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10 July 2019

  • PA adopts Luxembourg Declaration and elects officers; Tsereteli and Montella re-elected
  • Tsereteli and Montella participate in Informal Ministerial in Slovakia, highlight Annual Session outcomes

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3 July 2019

  • Voridis and Chambers address UN Security Council on PA’s counter-terrorism work
  • PA’s Annual Session set to begin in Luxembourg
  • Featured tweets @oscepa

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26 June 2019

  • Nearly 500 participants expected at the Annual Session in Luxembourg next week
  • Deadline reminder
  • Featured tweets @oscepa

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19 June 2019

  • OSCE PA presidential visit to Cyprus focuses on parliamentary diplomacy, humanitarian concerns
  • Annual Session deadlines reminder
  • PA participates in OSCE events in Slovakia
  • Parliamentary diplomacy? There’s an app for that!

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12 June 2019

  • OSCE Parliamentary Assembly observes early presidential election in Kazakhstan
  • Tsereteli, Guliyev and Hadjiyianni address Tbilisi conference on parliamentary oversight
  • Tsereteli holds high-level meetings in Baku, speaks at regional security conference

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5 June 2019

  • Kiener Nellen and Hadjiyianni: Human drama near Ukraine’s contact line is intolerable
  • President Tsereteli urges stronger partnership with NATO PA in Bratislava
  • PA’s de Sena speaks on sustainable development at OSCE Security Day in Vienna

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29 May 2019

  • PA delegation urges focus on Arctic, new Special Representative appointed
  • PA’s Tirana workshop kickstarts co-operation ahead of 2020 Albanian Chairmanship
  • OSCE PA hosts meeting with ODIHR to explore ways to enhance co-operation



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