Farah Karimi (The Netherlands) - Vice-Chair

Farah KarimiFarah Karimi (The Netherlands) was elected Vice-Chair at the 2022 Annual Session in Birmingham.

Farah Karimi is the Special Representative on Youth Engagement at the OSCE PA, and a member of the Dutch Senate for Green Left. She is the head of the delegation of the Netherlands to the OSCE PA.

Karimi works as an independent professional in the field of leadership and ethics, and she is a non-executive director at the NHL Stenden University for Applied Sciences. Farah Karimi is also the chair of Writers Unlimited, an international literary festival in The Hague.

Farah Karimi has  experience in the field of international cooperation and human rights. She has been a member for the Green Left of the Lower House of Parliament for more than eight years (1998-2006), where she focused on development co-operation, foreign affairs, defense and European affairs. In 2007 Farah Karimi was involved in the capacity building of the Afghan parliament, as a consultant for the UN organization UNDP. From 2008 to 2018, Farah Karimi was the Executive Director of Oxfam Novib, a dutch development and humanitarian organisation, and a member of the Executive Board of Oxfam International. Farah Karimi published three books, The Secret of Fire (2005), Battlefield Afghanistan (2006), and In the Name of Freedom (2021).

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