Irene Charalambides (Cyprus)

CharalambidesIrene Charalambides (Cyprus) was elected Vice-President of the Assembly at the OSCE PA  Remote Session in July 2021.

Irene Charalambides is the Head of the Cyprus delegation to the OSCE PA. She was first elected in 2011 as a Member of Parliament. In 2016 she was the first woman to be elected with the highest number of preferential votes among all Cypriot MPs.  

She has served as a Member of the Standing Committee on Institutions, Merits and the Commissioner for Administration (Ombudsman) and the Committee on Development Plans and Public Expenditure Control, where she currently serves as a Deputy Chairperson. 

Irene Charalambides was appointed the OSCE PA’s Special Representative on Fighting Corruption in July 2019.

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