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News from Copenhagen is OSCE PA’s weekly newsletter, published every Wednesday in PDF format.                                                        Subscriptions to the newsletter can be attained by signing up at the bottom of this page.

pdf News from Copenhagen 620

6 July 2016

  • Tbilisi Declaration adopted, Christine Muttonen elected President

pdf News from Copenhagen 619

29 June 2016

  • OSCE PA’s 25th Annual Session set to begin in Tbilisi
  • Parliamentarians describe OSCE PA’s migration work to OSCE’s governmental side

pdf News from Copenhagen 618

22 June 2016

  • Meeting with President Poroshenko concludes Kanerva’s Ukraine visit
  • Santos joins human trafficking representative in migration-related field visit
  • Special Representative Nothelle speaks in Vienna about PA support for Code of Conduct

pdf News from Copenhagen 617

15 June 2016

  • Ukraine’s Savchenko expresses appreciation for PA support to President Kanerva
  • In Moldova, OSCE parliamentarians encourage political support for settlement negotiations
  • Roberto Battelli participates in SEECP PA session in Sofia
  • Isabel Santos addresses OSCE Human Dimension Committee

pdf News from Copenhagen 616

8 June 2016

  • Neri, Barnett address OSCE Code of Conduct conference in Berlin
  • Muttonen concludes Central Asia visit with lecture at OSCE Academy
  • Final preparations for Tbilisi Annual Session
  • PA at meeting of SEE heads of field operations

pdf News from Copenhagen 615

1 June 2016

  • Special Representative Vigenin vists the South Caucasus for high-level meetings
  • Special Representative Muttonen, senior PA Members participate in anti-terrorism conference

pdf News from Copenhagen 614

25 May 2016

  • OSCE PA President Kanerva urges co-operation at IPA CIS in St. Petersburg
  • Mediation and dialogue brainstorming retreat held for OSCE PA in Helsinki
  • Sena emphasizes migration’s economic benefits at OSCE meeting in Berlin
  • PA staff participates in pre-electoral assessments in U.S. and Montenegro

pdf News from Copenhagen 613

18 May 2016

  • Vice-President Tsereteli discusses OSCE PA issues at International Secretariat
  • First Committee Vice-Chair Guliyev holds talks at International Secretariat
  • OSCE PA staff members visit Minsk for 2017 Annual Session preparation

pdf News from Copenhagen 612

11 May 2016

  • OSCE PA field visit to Calais highlights need for coherent response to migration
  • OSCE PA staff members busy this week in Calais, Minsk and Vienna

pdf News from Copenhagen 611

4 May 2016

  • OSCE PA Vice-President Muttonen visits International Secretariat
  • OSCE PA, PACE and NATO PA SGs discuss co-operation in Strasbourg
  • Anna Di Domenico joins International Secretariat
  • Annual Session deadlines announced

pdf News from Copenhagen 610

27 April 2016

  • Italy’s Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs holds talks with PA Secretary General
  • International Secretariat staff in action this week from Georgia to Germany

pdf News from Copenhagen 609

20 April 2016

  • Leinsweiler seminar focuses on parliamentary contributions to conflict resolution
  • Dobesova, Montella at HCNM event
  • 2017 meeting locations announced

pdf News from Copenhagen 608

13 April 2016

  • OSCE PA’s leadership gathers in Copenhagen for annual Bureau meeting
  • Danish parliamentarians debate OSCE with Foreign Minister

pdf News from Copenhagen 607

6 April 2016

  • Members of Danish Delegation visit International Secretariat
  • OSCE PA team pays working visit to Germany for meetings with Treasurer
  • PA leadership to meet in Copenhagen

pdf News from Copenhagen 25th Anniversary Special Edition

30 March 2016

  • OSCE Parliamentary Assembly turns 25

pdf News from Copenhagen 605

23 March 2016

  • Tidei and Bekkevold: Comprehensive election reform needed in Kazakhstan
  • OSCE PA leadership to meet in Copenhagen next month

pdf News from Copenhagen 604

16 March 2016

  • PA Secretary General meets U.S. lawmakers in Washington
  • PA observers arrive in Kazakhstan for early parliamentary elections
  • SG Montella meets with counterpart at NATO PA headquarters

pdf News from Copenhagen 603

9 March 2016

  • Santos addresses OSCE Security Days event on migration
  • SG Montella participates in Italian Senate panel on migration and security
  • Vice-President Bowness visits OSCE PA headquarters in Copenhagen
  • Secretariat welcomes new staff

pdf News from Copenhagen 602

2 March 2016

  • PA’s Winter Meeting features debates on migration, terrorism
  • Kyrgyzstan’s OSCE PA Delegation holds meetings in Copenhagen

pdf News from Copenhagen 601

24 February 2016

  • OSCE parliamentarians gather in Vienna for the PA’s 15th Winter Meeting
  • Secretary General Montella meets with Danish Parliament Speaker Kjaersgaard
  • OSCE PA Special Representative Nothelle speaks at Bundestag hearing



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