Navalny’s chief of staff provides update to OSCE PA leaders on jailed opposition figure’s status

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COPENHAGEN, 16 April 2021 – Following up on an online meeting last month, several OSCE parliamentarians met virtually today with Leonid Volkov, Chief of Staff of jailed Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny. Volkov informed OSCE Parliamentary Assembly members of the latest developments in Navalny’s situation, noting that after being transferred to a penal colony known as one of the harshest in the Russian Federation, Navalny began suffering from a number of medical symptoms.

Because he was not provided proper medical attention, Volkov reported, Navalny started a hunger strike that has been going on now for 17 days. Volkov noted that his condition is deteriorating and asked for international attention to remain on this situation and for pressure to be placed on Moscow to ensure that the Russian Federation complies with international obligations. The main priority now, Volkov said, is to concentrate on the issue of the medical treatment for Navalny and cessation of the hunger strike.

Participating in the meeting were OSCE PA President Peter Lord Bowness (United Kingdom), Vice-Presidents Kari Henriksen (Norway) and Margareta Cederfelt (Sweden), Head of the French Delegation Sereine Mauborgne, OSCE PA Secretary General Roberto Montella, Deputy Secretary General Gustavo Pallares, and a number of staff members from the International Secretariat and national delegations. In response to questions about planned demonstrations, Volkov said that a rally is being planned in support of Navalny but mentioned that there are challenges due to the general lack of respect for freedom of assembly. OSCE PA members also asked about next steps for Navalny, the prospects for accountability for the attempt on his life last year, and the parliamentary elections this September.

Volkov noted that the Navalny political movement has applied nine times to register as a political party and despite requests for an official investigation into Navalny’s assassination attempt, no investigation has taken place.



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