OSCE PA South East Europe envoy Azay Guliyev’s statement on electoral reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina

140322 Antalya photoAzay Guliyev and Roberto MontellaCOPENHAGEN, 28 April 2022 – OSCE PA Vice-President and Special Representative on South East Europe Azay Guliyev expressed concern today regarding the protracted lack of an agreement on the electoral reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I call on the political leaders to reach an understanding through meaningful dialogue and come to an agreement entailing the recommendations from the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights,” Guliyev said. “The OSCE PA stands ready to assist all relevant actors in this fundamental endeavor.”

With the deadline for calling the elections set for 4 May, the Special Representative encourages BiH’s political leaders to seize this opportunity in time and come to an agreement. As the elections constitute the foundation of any functional democracy, any prospect of boycotting and blocking the functioning of the democratic institutions poses a serious concern for the stability of the OSCE area, he said.

Vice-President Guliyev visited Bosnia and Herzegovina on 8-10 March, where he met with parliamentarians, governmental officials and representatives of political parties. The talks offered him the opportunity to reiterate the importance of parliamentary dialogue and take note of the EU perspective of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The progress made in the last two and a half decades is not to be stagnated, but should continue to move forward for the benefit of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Guliyev concluded.



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