International commission to probe into unrest in Kyrgyz south


16 July 2010

Bishkek, 16 July -- The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly's special representative for Central Asia, Kimmo Kiljunen, will lead an international investigation into the events that took place in the Kyrgyz south on 10-14 June, the Kyrgyz government's press service has told Interfax today.

According to the press service, the proposal to set up an international commission for investigating the causes of the events was put forward by the foreign ministries of the Scandinavian countries, and Kyrgyz [Interim] President Roza Otunbayeva backed the proposal.

According to the press service, the Kyrgyz leadership also urged that the international commission and the national commission, which had been set up in Kyrgyzstan, conduct well-coordinated joint work to thoroughly study the causes and consequences of the tragic events, which occurred the Kyrgyz south this June, and to work out recommendations on them. The national commission is expected to end its work before! 10 September.



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