Research Fellow observes Georgian elections

COPENHAGEN, 5 October 2012 - "In the weeks leading up to election day, I had the opportunity to travel with the Security Expert and Legal Analyst meeting local authorities and conveying the importance of the observation and informing them of the potential PA presence in their region. I met with staff of the opposition, attended embassy briefings as well as meetings with ODIHR staff and interlocutors. I also had the chance to get to know LTOs in the field and hear their encounters and perspectives of the election environment as well as reading LTO weekly reports, rally reports and spot reports.

"Observation on election day was a fantastic experience. I observed elections at a military base as well as regular precincts, and even stole a peak at retired Soviet aircraft. Though the most memorable time was observing the closing of a polling station and staying until the very end (3am) as every vote was counted. Members of the committee meticulously followed the election code, most probably due to my presence as they informed me that I was the first and only international observer at that polling station on E-day. They expressed their gratitude and excitement at being observed, including making sure that I scrutinized every ballot that was deemed invalid. It was truly an eye-opening moment, understanding just how important the role of observation is in the democratic transition for Georgia."

-Wesli Turner, 2012 Research Fellow



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