Statement of President Migliori on sentencing for journalist Allessandro Sallusti

ROME, 27 September 2012 – OSCE PA President Riccardo Migliori (Italy) today released the following statement after an Italian court upheld a 14-month prison sentence for libel in the case of Il Giornale editor Allessandro Sallusti:

"The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly expresses its serious concern about the worrying judgment handed down by Italy's Court of Cassation, which has confirmed on appeal the conviction on a libel charge and the sentence to 14 months imprisonment for the editor of one of Italy's most important dailies, because of an article published in its newspaper.

"The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly strongly urges the Italian Government and the Italian Parliament to re-examine legislation, which when implemented, puts Italy outside the boundaries of democratic countries.

"The Helsinki Accords, of which Italy has been a signatory since 1975, does not allow double standards in the assessment of the crucial issue of the freedom of the press. The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly as a whole wishes therefore to convey its heartfelt solidarity to journalists and encourages parliaments to repeal laws that criminalize libel or defamation in line with our Oslo Annual Session in 2010."



Nat Parry

Head of Communications and Press

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