In Moscow, OSCE PA President urges parliamentary bodies to safeguard international norms

2015 VISIT Moscow KanervaOSCE PA President Ilkka Kanerva speaks in Moscow, 1 October 2015. (courtesy of the Russian State Duma)COPENHAGEN, 1 October 2015 – Interparliamentary organizations, national parliaments and individual parliamentarians can best promote international security by championing rules and norms, OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President Ilkka Kanerva (MP, Finland) said in Moscow today.

President Kanerva also underscored the role of frequent and constructive dialogue between parliamentarians as a crucial component of forging partnerships and de-escalating tensions in response to today’s pressing security challenges.

The OSCE PA President is in Moscow to participate in the International Parliamentary Forum, themed this year on “The role of parliaments in ensuring international security in contemporary conditions.” The Forum is organized by the Russian State Duma and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Especially in the context of international security, we must highlight the rules, procedures and norms by which the international system is able to function,” Kanerva said. “Unfortunately, it is clear that at the moment the international system is in a state of abnormal flux and we see the greatly differing views of various stakeholders as to what is right. And so, strong commitment to international rules, procedures and standards is needed more than ever.”

President Kanerva also noted the violation of international norms in the context of the crisis in and around Ukraine.

“The Russian Federation has called the Helsinki Final Act principles into question by illegally annexing Crimea. The Russian Federation also has a central role in stabilizing parts of eastern Ukraine. The absolute first step would be the unconditional implementation of the Minsk agreements,” he said.

Following the Forum, President Kanerva also welcomed the new agreement on the withdrawal of tanks, artillery under 100 mm and mortars up to 120 mm in eastern Ukraine, which the OSCE was instrumental in facilitating.

In his remarks, the OSCE PA President argued that more mechanisms and platforms to conduct meaningful dialogue are needed today in order to build confidence and increase the chances of mutual understanding.

He further called for “open and unhindered interaction between parliaments,” while warning against an increasing tendency to rely on “non-interaction” in the place of genuine exchange and problem-solving.

Parliamentary dialogue can also be effective in forming “coalitions of the willing” to address problems ranging from the threat of ISIS to the growing crisis of migrants and refugees, President Kanerva said.



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