Constructive talks between the OSCE PA President and Kyrgyzstan’s Foreign Minister focus on building co-operation

Abdyldayev and Tsereteli 081217Foreign Minister Erlan Abdyldayev meets President George Tsereteli, Vienna, 8 December 2017COPENHAGEN, 12 December 2017 – OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President George Tsereteli (MP, Georgia) welcomed Kyrgyzstan’s engagement with the OSCE PA in a meeting with the country’s Foreign Minister, Erlan Abdyldayev, on 8 December in Vienna.

In discussions that focused primarily on last October’s presidential election in Kyrgyzstan, which was welcomed as an orderly transfer of power by OSCE PA observers, and next year’s Autumn Meeting to be held in Bishkek, President Tsereteli told Foreign Minister Abdyldayev that the Assembly greatly values the active participation of Kyrgyzstan in the Assembly.

The sides agreed that mutual co-operation is beneficial to both Kyrgyzstan and to the OSCE. President Tsereteli noted the historically active engagement by Kyrgyz parliamentarians in the PA and said that it is important that the OSCE be equipped with a robust field presence in Kyrgyzstan. He emphasized his hope that the OSCE field office is able to continue its excellent work despite its mandate being changed earlier this year.

The offer of the Kyrgyz Parliament to host the OSCE PA’s Autumn Meeting next October is a generous and important contribution to the Assembly’s work, the President said. “The hospitality of your parliament and the support of your government will make it possible for the OSCE PA to debate crucial issues for Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, and the rest of the OSCE region,” said Tsereteli.

Tsereteli, who has prioritized engagement with Central Asia within his portfolio as President of the Assembly, added that while there has been general progress, there is continued need for advancement on reforms.

Tsereteli and Abdyldayev agreed that they would continue to build constructive dialogue between Bishkek and the PA.



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