Albania's political crisis must be overcome with sense of collective responsibility and inclusive dialogue, says OSCE PA President Tsereteli

COPENHAGEN, 13 June 2019 – In response to ongoing political turmoil in Albania, OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President George Tsereteli today issued the following statement:

“Despite previous recommendations by the OSCE, we are witnessing increased political turbulence in Albania, with recent developments threatening to turn political controversies into a constitutional crisis. The gravity of the present situation requires political stakeholders in Albania to engage in inclusive dialogue without preconditions and to sit at the table in good faith. Dialogue should aim at avoiding a detrimental escalation of the crisis while also addressing the legitimate concerns of the people.

“As Albania prepares to chair the OSCE in 2020 and awaits a decision by the European Council for opening accession negotiations with the EU, it is imperative that all stakeholders live up to their responsibilities, which are important to Albania’s strategic goals that are shared by the vast majority of the Albanian society.”

President Tsereteli added that the Albanian legal framework must be upheld and respected by the political leaders. The PA remains confident that, with the necessary political will, Albanian political actors possess all the skills needed to drive the country forward and to offer the best side of Albania to the OSCE, he said.

Tsereteli stressed that the Parliamentary Assembly appreciates the attention that the Slovak Chairmanship is paying to Albania. The PA will continue to follow developments in Albania closely and with sense of responsibility towards the ambitions and the wishes of its people, he said.



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