OSCE PA President George Tsereteli steps down, Vice-President Bowness to serve as President

Bowness 141220Peter Lord BownessCOPENHAGEN, 14 December 2020 – Following the 31 October parliamentary elections and the new convocation of the Parliament of Georgia on 11 December, George Tsereteli stepped down as President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. As the most senior Vice-President of the Assembly, Peter Lord Bowness (United Kingdom) took over as President.

“I want to thank President George Tsereteli for his dedication to the OSCE PA and the OSCE. He has been unstinting in giving time and work to our affairs,” wrote President Bowness in a letter to the OSCE PA Standing Committee. “The Rules determine that I follow him as President, but I know that I shall not be able to equal his extraordinary commitment.”

In his final correspondence, President Tsereteli thanked OSCE PA Members for their trust and support he was able to enjoy during his long years of service in the Assembly.

“My presidency ends as our Assembly continues to deal with numerous challenges and urgently needs to address global crises, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, armed conflicts, growing threats to democracy and human rights, climate change, radicalization and terrorism, and large-scale human migration. I encourage you to continue your hard work to pursue our unfinished agenda and safeguard the fundamental values and principles of the OSCE,” Tsereteli said.

President Tsereteli highlighted the work accomplished in previous years to build honest and strong working relations with successive OSCE Chairmanships, the OSCE Secretariat, institutions, and field operations. He also underlined the progress made in upgrading the visibility of the Assembly on the international scene and in opening new areas of work and expertise within the PA.

Secretary General Roberto Montella thanked Tsereteli for his tireless work and leadership throughout the last years and expressed gratitude for the efforts he has made for the Assembly. At the same time, Montella underlined his and the Secretariat’s readiness to start working with President Bowness, noting that his experience, wisdom, and dedication will be instrumental for the Parliamentary Assembly especially in the current challenging period.

In taking the reins of the Assembly, President Bowness announced he will not run for election during the PA’s next Annual Session but will focus on handing over the Assembly in good order and without any commitments that should rightly belong to the new OSCE PA President.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bowness also noted the importance of adopting emergency rules to allow remote elections for the President, Officers, and Committee Officers, should the OSCE PA be unable to meet in person for the Bucharest Annual Session in July 2021.

President Bowness has been a Member of the United Kingdom’s Delegation to the OSCE PA since 2007. He was first elected Vice-President in 2015 and re-elected in 2018. He also serves as Chair of the OSCE PA’s Sub-Committee on Rules of Procedure and Working Practices.



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