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News from Copenhagen is OSCE PA’s weekly newsletter, published every Wednesday in PDF format.                                                        Subscriptions to the newsletter can be attained by signing up at the bottom of this page.

pdf News from Copenhagen 207

19 December 2006

  • President Lennmarker visits South East Europe
  • Head of Andorran Delegation Represents the OSCE PA at Parliamentary Conference of the WTO

pdf News from Copenhagen 206

11 December 2006

  • Bureau meets in Brussels, recommends Kazakhstan for 2008 Annual Session
  • Visit by respresentative of OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina

pdf News from Copenhagen 205

6 December 2006

  • President Lennmarker addresses OSCE Ministerial Council

pdf News from Copenhagen 204

28 November 2006

  • Standing Committee meeting in Malta
  • Mediterranean Forum debates situation in the Middle East
  • President to address Ministerial Council, Assembly Bureau to meet in Brussels

pdf News from Copenhagen 203

18 November 2006

  • PA Autumn Meetings opened in Malta
  • Lennmarker holds meetings in Vienna

pdf News from Copenhagen 202

14 November 2006

  • President Lennmarker addresses OSCE Permanent Council
  • Lennmarker pays visit to Germany and meets with OSCE Chairman-in-Offi ce in Brussels

pdf News from Copenhagen 201

8 November 2006

  • Kiljunen: Lack of serious campaign and credible alternatives in Tajikistan Presidential election
  • Final preparations for Malta Autumn Meetings

pdf News from Copenhagen 200

25 October 2006

  • Roberto Battelli in Croatia for Stability Pact meeting
  • Lennmarker meets with 'monitors of monitors' on OSCE election observation

pdf News from Copenhagen 199

16 October 2006

  • Lennmarker on Presidential visit to Moscow
  • Visits to International Secretariat

pdf News from Copenhagen 198

10 October 2006

  • Lennmarker condemns murder of Anna Politkovskaya
  • Vice-President Haering: Latvian election transparent and professional but issue of 'non-citizens' remains

pdf News from Copenhagen 197

3 October 2006

  • Heath: Real progress in BiH elections
  • Lennmarker meets with incoming Chairman-in-Office
  • Vice-President Haering appointed to lead short term OSCE observation mission in Latvia

pdf News from Copenhagen 196

22 September 2006

  • David Heath appointed to lead OSCE short-term observers in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • CiO's Personal Envoys on election observation visit PA Secretariat
  • Deadlines reminder
  • OSCE Needs Assessment Mission to Tajikistan

pdf News from Copenhagen 195

14 September 2006

  • Montenegrin elections largely in line with international standards
  • President Lennmarker visits OSCE Institutions in Warsaw

pdf News from Copenhagen 194

16 August 2006

  • Chairman-in-Offi ce appoints João Soares to lead OSCE election observation in Montenegro
  • Secretary General delivers lecture on OSCE at Lund University
  • Needs Assessment Mission for Parliamentary Elections in Latvia
  • Election observation deadlines

pdf News from Copenhagen 193

9 August 2006

  • President Lennmarker in Copenhagen to discuss future activities
  • Danish OSCE Ambassador visits International Secretariat
  • Head of Action against Terrorism Unit visits International Secretariat

pdf News from Copenhagen 192

17 July 2006

  • President Lennmarker visits International Secretariat
  • Focus on election-related matters during Annual Session
  • Upcoming Elections

pdf News from Copenhagen 191

10 July 2006

  • Assembly adopts Brussels Declaration, Göran Lennmarker elected President
  • New Officers elected

pdf News from Copenhagen 190

28 June 2006

  • Final preparations for Brussels Session
  • OSCE PA 2007 Economic Conference in Andorra
  • Battelli in Skopje to discuss upcoming elections

pdf News from Copenhagen 189

16 June 2006

  • Assembly to debate 15 Supplementary Items
  • Kimmo Kiljunen visits Moldova, urging parliamentary dialogue
  • PA Secretary General meets with OSCE Ambassadors
  • Reminders

pdf News from Copenhagen 188

13 June 2006

  • Battelli participates in Stability Pact Conference
  • Passy appointed to Transparency Committee
  • OSCE public affairs roundtable
  • Norwegian Delegation visits International Secretariat



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