Special Representative on Arctic Issues


OSCE PA President Margareta Cederfelt (Sweden) appointed Bryndis Haraldsdottir (Iceland) as Special Representative on Arctic Issues in August 2021. Elected to the Icelandic Parliament in 2016, Haraldsdottir also serves as Iceland's Head of Delegation to the OSCE PA.

Haraldsdottir is a Member of the Althing for the Southwest constituency and is a member of the Independence Party. She has served as Deputy Member of Parliament for the Southwest Constituency and as Vice President of the Althing since 2017.

In Parliament, she has served on the General Affairs and Education Committee, Environment and Transport Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee, and the Economic and Trade Committee.


  • Raise awareness in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly regarding Arctic issues
  • Place a specific focus on challenges stemming from climate change and on its effects on society and security in and beyond the Arctic, working in close co-operation with the OSCE PA Second Committee
  • Promote co-operation on Arctic issues within the OSCE PA among all Delegations, particularly within the Arctic region
  • Maintain contact with and follow-up on the work of the OSCE regarding Arctic issues
  • Maintain contact with and follow-up on the work of other international organizations, civil society, academia and all relevant stakeholders dealing with and involved in the Arctic region
  • Monitor the situation in the Arctic region and report to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and to the President on relevant developments, proposing possible follow-ups when needed


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