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Opinion pieces and editorials written by Assembly leaders on topics related to OSCE commitments and values.
The Hill - April 28, 2016 By Margareta Cederfelt In October 1943, some 7,220 of Denmark’s 7,800 Jews were evacuated by the Danish resistance movement to Sweden to escape the Nazi concentration camps. They arrived by sea to the safety of Swedish shores, where they enjoyed the security of living in a neutral country, an act of solidarity that likely saved the lives of over 99% of Denmark’s Jewish population. Seven decades later, Sweden has become

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l'Unita 15 July 2015 by Marietta Tidei Dal 5 al 9 luglio si è svolta ad Helsinki la 24esima sessione annuale dell’Assemblea parlamentare dell’Osce. La Conferenza per la Sicurezza e la Cooperazione in Europa (Csce), poi divenuta Osce, nacque proprio ad Helsinki nel 1975. Fu una risposta dettata dal buon senso e dalla volontà di dialogo di fronte alle difficoltà della guerra fredda. Si comprese allora che la sicurezza doveva essere affrontata

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International Organization for Migration 18 February 2015 By Isabel Santos Last month I was part of a delegation from the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly to Harran, Turkey, where we came across a "city of containers" – thousands of them – surrounded by fences and housing some 14,500 refugees. Life goes on day after day in search of a normalcy that such a place can never provide. In one of the container-city's schools, we met with children who

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