WATCH: Parliamentary spotlight on food security

COPENHAGEN, 31 August 2011 -- As relief groups pour aid into east Africa amid one of the worst droughts and famines in decades and parliaments throughout the world prepare for their fall sessions to address global economic challenges, a new video calls for legislative action to address rural jobs and food security issues. 

The video is the first collaborative effort of the Organization for Security and Co-operation Parliamentary Assembly and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

The short video features:

  • Khachik Harutyunyan of the Parliament of Armenia,
  • Phil Bloomer, Oxfam director of campaigns and policy,
  • David Dawe, UNFAO senior economist, and
  • Riccardo Migliori, OSCE PA Vice-President and a Member of Parliament of Italy

"On top of showcasing international co-operation, I hope this video serves as a tool for parliamentarians, aid organizations and activists to use to raise awareness and influence of others to take needed action to address food shortages and rural unemployment," said OSCE PA Secretary General Spencer Oliver.

Mr. Harutyunyan successfully passed at this summer's OSCE PA Annual Session a resolution calling for special parliamentary attention to agricultural lands and targeted financial assistance to increase food production. To watch the video, click here for English or here in Russian.


The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly is comprised of 320 parliamentarians from 55 countries spanning, Europe, Central Asia and North America. The Assembly provides a forum for parliamentary diplomacy, monitors elections, and strengthens international co-operation to uphold commitments on political, security, economic, environmental and human rights issues.



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