In address to NATO PA, OSCE PA President Tsereteli calls for stronger partnership to defend common values and tackle security challenges

 BRATISLAVA, 3 June 2019 – OSCE PA President George Tsereteli (MP, Georgia) spoke today at the Spring Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, calling on both organizations to reinforce their partnership to achieve a safe and secure Europe without divisions.

OSCE PA President George Tsereteli addresses the Spring Session of the NATO PA.OSCE PA President George Tsereteli addresses the Spring Session of the NATO PA.In his address, Tsereteli underlined that challenges to the European security architecture – including the continued occupation of Georgia, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the illegal annexation of Crimea and the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine – call for greater transatlantic and pan-European co-operation.

“The conflicts that you see as being on NATO’s border are at the very heart of the OSCE, both in terms of geography and membership,” said President Tsereteli. “Georgia and Ukraine are integral parts of our organization. Their sufferings and concerns are at the center of our discussions, and their aspiration to join NATO is a sovereign right which should be respected and supported.”

President Tsereteli highlighted the OSCE PA’s engagement in Ukraine and called on NATO parliamentarians to help alleviate the humanitarian situation on the ground.

“As we continuously strive to increase the political will to end conflicts, I appeal to you today to continue to use your influence to more actively engage in peacemaking and normalize people’s life,” said President Tsereteli. “Because while turmoil may only be on NATO’s doorstep, action is necessary to prevent further insecurity spillovers and escalation.”

Despite disagreements with Russian representatives over certain issues, the President emphasized the need for the OSCE PA to remain an inclusive forum, noting that “dialogue must continue to take place as a complement to deterrence.”

“Parliamentarians must continue to extend their hands, be a voice of de-escalation, and offer concrete solutions,” added President Tsereteli.

OSCE PA President George Tsereteli with NATO PA President Madeleine Moon.OSCE PA President George Tsereteli with NATO PA President Madeleine Moon.The address was also an opportunity to outline some of the OSCE PA’s work in the lead up to its Luxembourg Annual Session, including in the field of migration, countering terrorism, as well as efforts to reinforce partnerships in Central Asia.

Yesterday, President Tsereteli met with NATO PA President Madeleine Moon (MP, United Kingdom) and NATO PA Secretary General David Hobbs for talks that focused on the conflict in Ukraine and opportunities for the NATO PA and the OSCE PA to deepen their relationship. In light of the OSCE PA’s upcoming Autumn Meeting in Marrakesh this October, President Tsereteli discussed ways for the two parliamentary assemblies to work together to tackle security challenges in the Mediterranean region.

For the full written remarks, please click here. Video of President Tsereteli's speech in Bratislava is available here.



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