Bureau members meet in Copenhagen to discuss current challenges and upcoming Assembly activities


COPENHAGEN, 29 April 2024 – Chaired by President Pia Kauma (Finland), the Bureau of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly met today at the Danish Parliament to discuss reports from rapporteurs preparing resolutions for the Annual Session this summer in Bucharest, Romania, as well as current international developments and internal OSCE PA matters. OSCE parliamentarians covered a broad spectrum of topics, including conflicts within the OSCE region and beyond, while also examining the role of the organization in fostering peace and security in Europe. They emphasized the importance of enhancing the OSCE's capacity to address various challenges effectively.

emb im burPresident Pia Kauma and Secretary General Roberto Montella, Copenhagen, 29 April 2024The draft report of Tobias Winkler (Germany) for the Committee on Political Affairs and Security emphasizes the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine, calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities and full accountability for atrocities committed. The report expresses concerns over the escalation of the situation in the Middle East, with a significant increase in the number of civilian casualties and the plight of hostages. Additionally, it addresses developments in Moldova and the South Caucasus, stressing the importance of diplomatic solutions and international support. Escalating cyber threats and gender-based violence in conflicts are also included in the report and the resolution, urging stronger measures to address these challenges.

Rapporteur of the Committee on Economic Affairs, Science, Technology, and Environment, Gudrun Kugler (Austria), described the scope of her report and draft resolution, acknowledging artificial intelligence (AI) as a key focus. She emphasized that AI can be used as a useful innovation to unlock societal opportunities but needs strong political guidance. AI will revolutionize our lives and must be at the service of the people, she noted. Kugler also stressed that politics has to be resolute on combatting risks such as misinformation and manipulation, which threaten democracy and security. Kugler also emphasized the need for parliaments to work towards a stronger recognition of environmental war crimes in national legal frameworks. Her focus included the reconstruction of Ukraine, improving water management, migration issues, counteracting deindustrialization and reducing economic dependency, with recommendations for parliamentary action to address these issues.

emb im bur2The Assembly's Bureau meeting in the Danish Folketing, Copenhagen, 29 April 2024Malik Ben Achour (Belgium), Rapporteur of the Committee on Democracy, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Questions, addressed the severe humanitarian impact resulting from the Russian Federation's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, emphasizing the need for continued international support and the establishment of efficient accountability mechanisms. In his report, he also highlighted the deepening humanitarian crisis in Gaza stemming from the Israel-Hamas war, underscoring its casualties, consequent mass displacement, and the urgent need for a ceasefire and the unimpeded access of humanitarian aid into Gaza. Discussing the challenges faced by refugees and migrants, he advocated for safe and legal migration channels and assistance to host countries. Lastly, he underscored the importance of fundamental freedoms within the OSCE region, pointing out growing threats to civil society and media freedom in OSCE participating states, and underlined the importance of consistently advocating for human rights protections.

Bureau members offered input on the initial reports and draft resolutions, proposing enhancements to the language and raising additional issues, such as recent developments in the relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, anti-corruption efforts, the empowerment of civil society, the promotion of gender equality, and the protection of national minorities.

OSCE PA Bureau unanimously endorsed Roberto Montella for a renewal of his mandate as Secretary General and called on the Heads of OSCE PA delegations to support him on the 29 June meeting in Bucharest.

Additionally, the meeting delved into internal OSCE PA administrative and financial matters, with Treasurer Johan Buser (Sweden) presenting the 2024-2025 budget proposal, which was endorsed by the Bureau.

The Bureau also addressed forthcoming activities, including election observation missions, official visits, conferences, and upcoming statutory meetings, including the 31st Annual Session from 29 June to 3 July in Bucharest, and the 22nd Autumn Meeting from 2 to 4 October 2024 in Dublin.


The draft reports and resolutions will be circulated in coming weeks and are expected to form the basis for parliamentary discussions during the upcoming Annual Session in Bucharest.

Photos of the Bureau meeting are available on Flickr.

For more information on the 31st Annual Session, click here.



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